Refreshing Fat-Burning Drinks

Refreshing Fat-Burning Drinks

When you choose what you want to drink as you are working on losing weight, you should also be thinking about what could burn the most fat. This is when you are going to go from occasional weight loss to continued weight loss. Here are some fat burning drinks

to try out.

Green Tea

If you choose just one drink aside from water, it should be green tea. This is so good for you, can easily be flavored with honey or skim milk, and provides a lot of energy. Green tea also has tons of other health benefits, like improving your skin, increasing your metabolism, and helping to clean out your system. Green tea also happens to contain a lot of antioxidants, and most varieties are caffeine-free. Try to have at least one cup of green tea, but feel free to enjoy as many cups as you like.

Skim Milk

While there is no reason you can’t have whole milk, skim milk does tend to be a better beverage when you are losing weight and burning fat. Skim milk is going to be lower in fat and calories, so you can get the much needed calcium and other nutrients from milk, without actually affecting your weight loss in a negative way. Calcium is really important when losing weight or trying to get healthy in general, so enjoy a little skim milk with breakfast or in your smoothie.

Infused Water

You probably already know how important water is, but think about certain versions of water that can aid you in your fat burning efforts. Infused water has fruit and veggies in it, many of which are also going to help to burn more fat and help you lose weight. Plus, when you drink ice cold water, that can help to give you energy and speed up your metabolism. Start drinking at least 8-10 glasses of water a day, preferably ice cold water and try to make some of them infused water.

Vegetable Juice

Another great beverage to have when you want to burn more fat is vegetable juice. This should not be something you get in a bottle or can, but vegetable juice you make for yourself at home. Get a juicer and juice veggies like celery, carrots, kale, spinach, and many others. Drink your vegetable juice cold and before a meal to burn more calories and fat even while eating the meal.

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