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Jumping rope is often mistaken for childish entertainment, when in fact, it can be a great cardio workout. Spending 30 minutes doing exercise with a jump rope is a significantly more efficient way to burn fat and calories that it would be running. Instead of doing cardio exercises you’ve grown bored with, try switching things up by revamping your childhood playtime activity into a serious, sweaty workout. Replace your usual warming-up routine with jumping rope, combine it with plenty of exercise and a healthy diet, and you’ll lose weight the fun way, and in no time.

However, in order to really exploit the benefits from jumping rope, you’ll need the right equipment. Jump ropes have evolved from the stage of low-quality, plastic toys to professional-grade fitness devices, and here’s our list of top jump ropes for weight loss!

Fitness Dynamo Jump Rope

Simple but incredibly effective, Fitness Dynamo is the jump rope you’ll fall in love with at the first glance. The sleek and minimalistic design instantly show you that this jump rope is really fast and lightweight. However, the fact that Fitness Dynamo isn’t heavy doesn’t mean that it’s not sturdy- the steel wire cord is coated with thermoplastic polyurethane, making it damage-resistant and virtually impossible to break or fray. The slim swivel handles are easy and comfortable to hold, although the lack of padding can make them more prone to slipping in the case of sweaty hands. The 9-foot cord itself is easy to adjust- just trim the cable to your preferred length and put the screws and protective caps back, and you’re ready to go. Fitness dynamo will give you a powerful workout with its 90-degree angled handles that increase the speed and the intensity of jumping rope.

This jumping rope also comes with a carry bag, an extra set of screws and protective caps and an informative booklet with figures and jumping rope techniques explained.

Survival and Cross Jump Rope

With 5” comfortable handles and a fully adjustable 10-foot cord, this jump rope is a great option for both beginners and experienced fitness enthusiasts. The steel cable is frustration-free and won’t tangle up or lose form, and since it’s coated with rubber to prevent fraying and damage, it’s almost indestructible. If you’re worried that 10-foot long cord will be too long for you, don’t worry- you can effortlessly adjust the cord’s length to suit you. Survival and Cross Jump Rope is incredibly lightweight for a jump rope with steel cord, and it can achieve great speed and stay smooth, giving you an intensive cardio workout.

Benran Jump Rope

Perfect for beginners, this inexpensive jump rope is as lightweight as they get- with foam handles and a PVC cable, this jump rope won’t be challenging enough for people who are not out of shape. The cord is slightly more likely to tangle if not stored adequately than a steel one, but it’s pretty sturdy and durable. It’s also completely adjustable, so you’ll be able to customize the jump rope to fit with your height, and the process of shortening the cord is hassle and frustration free.

Best Jump Ropes For Home Exercise

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