Possible Treatments for Back Pain

Possible Treatments for Back Pain

Have you ever had back pain? If so, what was your experience? Not pleasant at all, right?

Almost every one of us would agree that the pain was excruciating, to say the least. While some people would have had to deal with it for a period of time (being temporary in nature), there are many  cases of chronic back pain – which never seems to end.

If there’s anything that back pain does for both types of patients, it offers a fresh perspective on what health is and how important it is to maintain it on a daily basis.

Thankfully, this occurs due to the fact that there are treatments for back pain, and ones that can help a person fully recover from this debilitating condition.

So, here is a list of possible treatments for both short and long-term back pain that has worked for patients in the past:

Treatment for Short-term Back Pain

While the approach might differ slightly between short and long term treatment, the focus is on providing the patient relief from pain while also restoring movement that has been inhibited, thanks to the backache.

For this patient will have to not only take painkillers but also make changes to their lifestyle as well. Some painkillers that are administered are usually paracetamol, codeine or if you also have to deal with muscle spasms, then muscle relaxants might be in order, such as diazepam.

Whatever you do, don’t self-medicate, but get the approval of a physician or a pharmacist when you obtain painkillers.

Also, there are certain adjustments to one’s lifestyle that need to be made – and which work as part of the remedy as well.

There are several factors that usually contribute to back pain and they can be poor posture or being overweight. This has to be addressed at all costs, as it is the root cause for your back pain. Treating one for the pain would be like treating the symptoms but not the real reason behind the problem.

Also, remember to spend more time relaxing, maintain good posture especially when you are sleeping as well as not staying still for too long – meaning, keep moving.

With long-term back pain, the treatment is more intensive – and usually is a combination of all of the above as well as following an exercise regimen, obtaining physical therapy and even antidepressants just in case painkillers lose their effect. Injections are also administered to your back directly to curb the pain.

Surgery is also considered if all of the above forms of treatment are not successful apart from alternative options such Interferential therapy, Low level laser therapy, therapeutic ultrasound, lumbar supports, traction and even Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation.

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