Must-Have Coffee Machine Accessories

Must-Have Coffee Machine Accessories

Sure, you can make great tasting coffee with any regular coffee pot, but there are must-have accessories that everyone should have to complement their coffee maker. These handy gadgets allow you to do more, extend your coffee palette and mimic some of your favorite drinks from the local coffee shop for less. Let’s take a look at these must-have accessories that everyone in the family will love.

Coffee Grinder: If you ever want to drink freshly ground coffee beans, you will need a coffee grinder. Everyone agrees that for the small amount of convenience you trade, freshly ground beans are simply the freshest and most flavorful. Coffee grinders can be purchased separately and can even grind up other ingredients such as nuts or spices. You can also purchase a coffee pot with a built-in grinder.

Milk Frother: Who said that you needed to buy an expensive cup of coffee just to get that frothy top? With a handheld milk frother, you can have that creamy texture just by mixing the frother in the milk until you reach the desired consistency.

Coffee Filters: Paper filters are cleanest and easiest to use, just be sure that you purchase quality ones that won’t flop over and allow coffee grinds to drip into the coffee. Gold-tone coffee filters offer a rich, more robust flavor of coffee, as they let the natural oils through. They’re not disposable though, so you’ll need to clean them regularly.

Coffee Scoop: Whether it’s a simple measuring spoon or a very specific coffee scoop, you’ll want to choose something to measure the coffee – and stick to it. Even though most coffees recommend six ounces of water to every tablespoon, you can find the perfect combination using the scoop of your choice – and you can trust someone else to make your coffee.

Coffee Mug/Thermos: You need something to drink that coffee out of, so be sure that you have your favorite mug for at home and your favorite thermos for on the go. Coffee drinkers agree that coffee tastes better when you drink it out of something you love, so consider comfort, ergonomics and overall appearance when shopping for your next coffee mug.

Pod Holder: If you have a coffee machine that takes coffee pods, you know all too well that the different flavors of pods can add up quickly. Purchase an inexpensive pod holder than fits on the counter or in the pantry. These holders keep everything neatly stored away so that you can take an at-a-glance inventory of your coffee flavors.

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