Why It’s Time You Moved From Coffee To Green Tea

Why It’s Time You Moved From Coffee To Green Tea

In these modern times of inner city life, let’s not pretend that we don’t all ingest too much of everything that’s bad for us. One of those things has to be coffee, which keeps a lot of people going on a daily basis despite the obvious negative health effects. Luckily for those caffeine junkies out there, it seems like there’s some good news regarding the energy boosting properties of green tea that could save many people some jittery afternoons.

Before we move onto anecdotal evidence, let’s take a look at some of the science behind the two drinks. While a cup of coffee averages around 95-200 milligrams of caffeine, green tea has around 24-40 milligrams, meaning that while you may find it doesn’t give you the same instant buzz, it allows you to get that pick me up with ending up bouncing off the walls. In this way, if you’re dying for an instant burst of energy, then coffee will still probably win out, whereas on a regular/daily basis, it’s definitely the green tea you need to be reaching for.

Beyond the small amount of caffeine that you’ll be getting from the green tea, it’s also been proven that it contains an amino acid named L-theanine which allows to brain to focus much more clearly than coffee. This combination of both caffeine and L-theanine has shown to improve brain function and the ability to focus. Have a little experiment on yourself by changing your coffee to green tea, having a cup of the good stuff a few times a day to see how much it centres you on your tasks rather than shaking your way through a few cups of coffee.

One of the things that keeps some people off switching to green tea is the flavour, which they find doesn’t hit them in just the right way like coffee does. However, many argue that the refreshing taste is something you just have to get used to. Not only that, but green tea is far easier on your digestive system. There’s a reason that you’ll often find yourself rushing to the toilet on a day filled with coffee and cigarettes, and that’s because they’re natural diuretics. Green tea is much lighter than coffee, and you should feel the difference after just a week after your change over.

As for the health benefits of coffee, it’s not likely you’ll find much telling you other than the negatives. While the drink certainly isn’t all bad, it’s not like green tea when it comes to the positive effects it can have. Regularly drinking green tea has been shown to promote weight loss, lower cholesterol, regulate glucose levels, and reduce the risk of cancer among many other things you can look into with a simple Google search.

So, have you been convinced? Perhaps you feel that there’s no chance you can swap from your favourite beverage over to something new, but I promise you that once you give it a chance, you’ll be able to see the differences. Even if you find yourself enjoying the taste less, maybe the obvious change you can feel in your body will make you decide that the change in taste is worth it in the long run. If you want to look into exactly what green tea you should be drinking then just remember that the internet is your friend.

While it might seem like there’s huge swaths of anecdotal evidence out there, be aware that you’ll be able to trawl through it for the facts with some minor work. Once you start feeling the health benefits, you’ll realise that the small amount of work was always worth it, so get looking for what works best for you and soon you’ll be seeing why moving from coffee to green tea is one of the best decisions you can make.

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