Mushroom Coffee

Mushroom Coffee

Most everyone loves a good cup of coffee ever once in a while.It’s how we start off our days, how we deal with the kids, and initially how a lot of us get our energy from. It’s the best part of waking up, right? There has been a lot of research completed on the speculation if coffee is good for us.Does it have the right nutrients in it to make it great to consume? It has been noted that regular coffee drinkers are expected to live longer, but when it comes right down to it, is coffee good for us and if so, are there any ways to essentially make it better, as in health wise? Have you ever heard of mushroom coffee? A lot of you probably haven’t, which is normal because mushroom coffee isn’t broadcasted on the media as much as what you would say, regular coffee.

Mushroom coffee is a great way to fortify that morning cup of coffee.What is it, though?Essentially, mushroom coffee is adding dried mushrooms, which have been boiled, andthen liquefied into an extract.The mushrooms must be cooked in order to actually reap the health benefits, and the resulting coffee will then contain extra nutrients and minerals.Basically, what this type of coffee is, is coffee that will have cooked mushrooms added to it.What are the health benefits of drinking this kind of coffee?Today, we are actually going to be discussing the health benefits of drinking mushroom coffee.One thing that you must understand the difference between regular coffee and mushroom coffee is that you’re drinking regular coffee essentially, but with mushrooms added in.

An Anticancer Benefit

It has been known that some of the components of mushroom have been proven to actually stimulate the immune system in a way in which certain mushrooms will appear to exert anticancer, as well anti-tumor activities in individuals.There was a research conducted back in 2015 that showed when the mushroom, chaga was placed in coffee; it proved that the element found in this mushroom, called ergosterol peroxide exhibited profound anticancer activities in a person’s colorectal cholesterol cell lines!Did you know that the chaga mushroom is the most potent antioxidant on planet Earth?By placing this kind of mushroom into your coffee, you will be able to ward off common colds and other forms of sicknesses.You will also not get sick as much if you drink chaga mushroom coffee.

By drinking this kind of coffee, you can expect to experience cleansing and purifying of your body from the inside out.Did you know that by drinking chaga coffee, you can calm down your nervous system naturally?It’s also been proved throughout various forms of research that this kind of coffee helps to have quite the positive effect on the liver, as well lung cancers!This coffee has also proven that it helps to certainly affect various forms of stomach ulcers and diseases, as well helps to stimulate your immune system, and even help to reduce blood sugar levels, and even helps to fight diabetes!It would be recommended that you drink at least one or two cups of chaga mushroom coffee each day for the added health benefits.

Complete with Antioxidants

Antioxidants are important to your body because they help with fighting off illnesses and other forms of disease.A lot of great antioxidants come from fresh, organic fruits and vegetables.Eating and drinking correctly will have some awesome health benefits for you if you keep it up.That’s the key factor; once you begin eating and drinking healthy, you must keep it up to see the added benefits.If you are a vivid coffee drinker, then you already know that coffee has proven itself to be loaded with a very rich antioxidant content and that’s just speaking of regular coffee!There has been Scientific research conducted which proves that drinking a typical cup of regular coffee could very well be higher in disease-fighting, as well anti-aging antioxidants than green tea, cocoa, as well black and herbal teas!Most coffee benefits of health can be linked back to a very high level of antioxidants.

Did you know that most all mushrooms will contain great levels of the antioxidants, glutathione, and ergothioneine? So, you can just about guess that adding mushrooms to your regular morning cup of coffee is going to absolutely double on the health benefits when it comes to having antioxidants in your brew!The century age question is why would having antioxidants in your eating and drinking diet be so great for you? Well, keep in mind that by adding antioxidants to your diet, you will be essentially protecting yourself from all sorts of harmful diseases, as well health issues that could arise.

Will Decrease Oxidative Stressors

As we all travel to and from work, we will be exposed to free radicals in the air, which is dirty smoke from factories and other forms of pollution throughout the air.Did you know that by being around so much air pollution, it can cause oxidative stress in your life? This can essentially result in the cause of cell damage to the body, which can be a very scary element to take into consideration because how are we going to avoid air pollution all together? Well, the bad news is that we can’t, but we can eat and drink certain foods and drinks that will help with the issue of oxidative stress in our lives.

Were you aware that oxidative stress can be linked to a huge part of a lot of chronic and very serious illnesses? Such illnesses include those with cataracts, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, Parkinson’s disease, and even Alzheimer’s disease. All of these conditions are quite serious, but did you know that by drinking mushroom coffee, you can take down the oxidative stressors in your life? By drinking mushroom coffee, you will be getting quite a lot of antioxidants in your system, which in return can assist in preventing a lot of oxidative stressors in your life and even better, in the long run, you will be assisting with the prevention of some serious illnesses.

Will Boost Your Liver Health

There are all different types of mushrooms that you can place into your coffee that will assist with different types of conditions throughout your life, but did you know that adding the mushroom called reishi could actually boost your liver health?It’s been proven that this type of mushroom can actually detox your liver, which is needed for adequate health throughout your life.Did you know that the reishi mushroom has been nicknamed, The King of The Mushrooms? Do you know why and how it got that title? Well, keep in mind that the reishi mushroom has one of the strongest anti-inflammatory properties of the mushroom, as well this type of mushroom is tied in with longevity, as well improving mental clarity throughout individuals.

So, in other words, this type of mushroom is kind of like a superfood for your brain, as well the liver.Keep in mind that the reishi mushroom has been noted as being a high mixture of spiritual strength, as well an essence of immortality.It has been linked to high sessions of success, the divine power, great well-being, as well longevity!Throughout the years, it has been found throughout research that the reishi mushroom is responsible for taking care of the following diseases, digestive problems, stomach ulcers and leaky gut syndrome, skin disorders, heart disease, hypertension, high blood pressure and high cholesterol, recurrent infections (urinary tract, bronchitis, respiratory infections, etc.), food aversions and asthma, diseases, including the flu, HIV/AIDS or hepatitis, fatigue (including chronic fatigue condition), autoimmune disorders, sleep ailments and insomnia, liver disease, tumor growth and even cancer, anxiety, and even depression, inflammation, as well assisting with diabetes.

Aides with Digestive and Diabetic Health

We all want a better functioning digestive system, and it all stems back to what we place into our bodies, we will ultimately become that.What we are doing now to our bodies will have some type of effect on us in the later years of our lives.Having a great digestive system means that you are strong from the inside out.Did you know that as a rule, mushrooms are very high in polysaccharides, especially the bioactive ones called beta-glucans, and sometimes they will be referred to as homopolysaccharides?What do all these special elements do?Well, the special polysaccharides will act as prebiotics within your digestive system which will directly help to boost your digestive health in so many different ways.

Keep in mind that these beta-glucans have also been proven in several animal studies to initially reduce body weight, glucose sugar levels, even cholesterol and triglycerides in mice which are diabetic.Also, these same beta-glucans also proved to have quite the encouraging effect upon insulin receptors, which was equal to enhanced insulin sensitivity.When it comes to getting better digestion, make sure you fully cook your mushrooms and then add to your brew of coffee. Don’t just drop an uncooked mushroom into your coffee, always make sure it’s cooked first.Remember that mushrooms are a perfect source of calcium, vitamin B, and D, as well providing you with a lot of potassium.Drinking mushroom coffee first thing in the morning will get your day and life out to the perfect, feel-good start.

Focusing Without Being Jittery

One of the top, most popular setbacks of drinking coffee, whether it be dressed up with creamers and sugars, or just your average, run of the mill regular cup, you are going to be getting some percentage of caffeine.Keep in mind that when you add mushrooms to your brew of coffee, you are going to be cutting down on the caffeine intake, resulting in a calmer and focused you!When you are jittery from drinking too much coffee or basically any drink that has too much caffeine in it, your heart will tend to beat faster, and sometimes this can cause a person to go into shock or have a heart attack/stroke.Too much caffeine can cause some issues if not drunk in moderation.

That is what’s so great, along with all the other benefits of mushroom coffee is the fact that the mushrooms will cut down the caffeine intake in your morning cup.Did you know that by drinking mushroom coffee, it can actually help to improve your focus and concentration? This is because of all the antioxidants mushrooms have in them.The more that you drink mushroom coffee, especially in the beginning of your day, the better focused you will last all throughout the day, not just for a couple of hours like an energy drink will give you.You should start out by placing at least three slices of mushrooms to your coffee for the added benefits.

The Shiitake Mushroom

This mushroom is quite special when it comes to its class because the shiitake mushroom contains all the eight essential amino acids, also with a type of fatty acid called linoleic acid.What does linoleic acid do in your body?This type of acid has been proved to assist with weight loss, as well building muscle.This type of mushroom would be perfect to place into your morning brew if you love to workout since this type of mushroom helps with building muscle.This amazing mushroom has also been proven to assist with building bones, improving digestion, as well reducing various food allergies and other types of sensitivities.These types of mushrooms essentially contain so many chemical compounds which will protect your DNA from oxidative damage, and this is why they are so popular and beneficial.

This type of mushroom has also been shown to help with the condition of obesity because specific elements of the shiitake mushroom have what they call hypolipidemic effects (fat-reducing) effects like eritadenine and b-glucan, a resolvable dietary grit that’s also found in barley, rye, as well oats.There have been studies which were conducted which proved that b-glucan could actually increase your satiety, decrease your food intake, postpone the nutrition engagement, as well work in dropping plasma fat stages.This type of mushroom can also destroy cancer cells in some individuals.A study was conducted back in 2006, which proved that shiitake mushrooms were able to inhibit growth in tumor cells with their amazing, microchemical principles.This type of mushroom has also been proven to effectively induct the overall process of automated cell death.

White Mushrooms

These types of mushrooms have quite a lot of health benefits to them, including benefiting your bones by boosting your copper and phosphorus intakes.Why are these two properties so important to your health?They are vital to your health because they are minerals which have very specific roles in your skeletal health. Phosphorus will actually contribute to the mineral material which will deliver bone density.Copper, on the other hand, will help you to make collagen and this is a protein that will keep your bones from becoming very brittle and weak.It would be recommended that you place at least two or three slices of cooked, white mushrooms into your brewed coffee each morning.It wouldn’t hurt to even have a second cup later in the afternoon or evening.Keep in mind that both of these minerals will assist in energy production, as phosphorus helps you to make DNA.

Remember that a whole cup of white mushrooms will essentially provide out three-hundred and five micrograms of copper and eighty milligrams of phosphorus.Drinking white mushroom coffee will also give you a great deal of your vitamin intake of vitamin B-2 and B-5.Keep in mind that both of these nutrients will assist in activating your enzymes in which your cells are going to need when it comes time to convert to energy.Did you know that vitamin B-2 will also support great liver function, while on the other hand, vitamin B-5 helps within the overall production of your hormones? This type of coffee would really benefit a woman going through menopause or a menstrual cycle from the effect of hormone balancing.

Oyster Mushrooms

These types of mushrooms have some amazing health benefits.In a recent study conducted by Penn State food scientist, Joy Dubost discovered that oyster mushrooms have profound amounts of antioxidant properties which will protect cells found in your body.A three-ounce serving size of these types of mushrooms will initially contain thirteen milligrams of ergothioneine.Keep in mind that cooking these types of mushrooms will not decrease this level.These types of mushrooms are quite high in nutrients as well, so drinking a cup of white mushroom coffee early in the morning will give your body most of the nutrients that it’s going to need to get through the day.Did you know that these types of mushrooms have antibacterial benefits to them?In a study, which was conducted in 1997 by the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry discovered the active composite benzaldehyde will actually reduce bacteria levels.

It could actually form upon the mushroom itself as an initial reaction to stressors. There are only forty-two calories in a single cup of these mushrooms, which make them a great low-calorie diet added to your meal or coffee.So many people while on their way to work have such a bad habit stopping off at Starbucks and drinking a sugary, high-calorie drink, which will make your blood sugar levels rise and then crash hours later.That is what’s so great about drinking mushroom coffee, especially oyster mushroom coffee.Its benefits will stick with you all day long, and nonetheless, these types of mushrooms are a low-calorie food, so you will not have to worry about starting out your day with a high-calorie food/drink. There was another study conducted from Food Chemistry which discovered that oyster mushrooms have profound stages of zinc, iron, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, vitamin C, folic acid, niacin, also including vitamins B-1, as well B-2.

Chanterelle Mushrooms

We all need vitamin C and potassium in our daily diets, but did you know that the chanterelle mushroom contains both, vitamins C and D, as well a great deal of potassium?These types of mushrooms also have a lot of other benefits, including being packed with zinc, copper, vitamin B-9, as well B-12.There is a compound which is found in this mushroom, which is called Lenthionine and what this compound does is helps in the treatment of Thrombosis, as it supports the process of platelets buildup.

There have been several types of research completed, which found that the chanterelle mushroom has been discovered to wipe up your arteries against any type of accumulation of forms of toxic substances, as it can lower levels of bad cholesterol in your body.Keep in mind that this type of mushroom also aides to brain function because of the vitamin B-12, as well folic acid present in this mushroom.These two elements will assist with neurological well-being, as keeping your system balanced out and well-fit throughout the day.

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