Low-Carb Crockpot Recipes

Low-Carb Crockpot Recipes

Using a crockpot is one of the ways that many people provide wholesome and healthy meals for their family when scheduling is tight. You can use the crockpot to make everything from casseroles to meat based meals while you are at work or out of the house running errands. In four to six hours you can end up with the full meal, but some of these meals end up being loaded with carbs. If you want to use your crockpot, but stick to a low-carb route, here are some crockpot recipes to consider.

Chicken and Bacon Chowder

Chowders are a go to meal for crockpots, especially during football season and for game weekend. The trick to this low-carb meal is to make a swap from potatoes to chicken. Cube the chicken the way you would potatoes for the chowder. Add in bacon bits and use a traditional chowder recipe base. Cook for four hours on high and add cheese if you would like for flavor. This is a meal you can eat that day or you can freeze to have later.

Chicken Carnitas with Pepper Cups

You can have a low-carb filling meal with just some seasoning, chicken breast, and hulled out bell peppers. Place a few chicken breasts into the crockpot and barely cover them with water. Add taco seasoning and cook until the chicken is fork tender. Drain the excess water and shred the chicken with forks. Fill the hulled out peppers with the chicken and enjoy.

Sausage with Beans and Greens

If you have leftover canned beans, sausage, and some greens on hand then you have what you need to make an easy crockpot meal that can be ready in less than four hours. Just cut up your sausage and place it in the bottom of the crockpot. Add your beans and then place fresh greens on top. Add some chicken or beef stock and cover. Allow it to cook until most of the water has been absorbed. Add spices to taste.

Buffalo Chicken Cups

Buffalo chicken cups are super easy to make and require only three ingredients. Place boneless skinless chicken breasts in the crockpot. Barely cover them water and allow the chicken to cook until fork tender. Drain the excess water and then shred the chicken with two forks. Toss the chicken in pre-made buffalo wing sauce. Place the mixture into salad wraps or cups and serve.

These recipes all contain ingredients you can find easily at most local grocery stores and farmers markets. These meals also take between four and six hours to cook in a crockpot. Four hours is for the high setting while six is for the low or medium setting.

Best Low-Carb Crockpot Recipes

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