Keep an Eye Out for Common Allergy Symptoms

Keep an Eye Out for Common Allergy Symptoms

Allergy problems, sometimes called hay fever, affect millions of people all over the world. Keeping an eye out for the symptoms is easy because the eye is usually one of the first things affected. Most common symptoms are sneezing, runny nose and watery eyes caused by your body’s attempt to ward off the harmful invasion by manufacturing antibodies.  The seriousness of the symptoms can vary depending on the person and how long the problem is allowed to persist.

You contract an allergy problem when your body over reacts to substances that don’t cause problems for most people because these are things that we can’t avoid unless we shut ourselves away from life.  We can stay inside but many allergens hide within the floors and walls and those that come from the outside will somehow find its way inside.

It’s almost impossible to avoid all of them.

Become aware of the symptoms so treatment can begin immediately whether by you or by a professional.  Allergens such as grass and pollen are usually manifested by discomfort in the head area.  Your nose and eyes are typically the first to beg for help.  Allergies can affect different people by various degrees ranging from mild to moderate to severe.

Mild allergy symptoms are itchy, watery eyes, congestion, postnasal drip and even a rash.  Rashes are sometimes caused by the person rubbing and scratching the infected area.  Mild reactions normally don’t spread to other parts of the body and are easy contained.

Moderate reactions can include some of the mild symptoms but get more severe and spread to other parts of the body.  Itching becomes more intense and you could experience difficulty breathing.

Severe symptoms can consist of swelling not only in the affected area but other parts of the body as well.  You can also experience stomach pain, cramps and diarrhea.  If these symptoms are allowed to continue you may suffer vomiting, mental confusion or dizziness.

Allergies can lead to asthma and dermatitis if left untreated.  Be aware of dark circles under the eyes.  This is caused by increased blood flow near the sinuses.  Eyes can become red-rimmed and crust over in the eyelid area making them hard to open.

As we get older, most tend to be susceptible to allergies because our immune systems weaken.  Our membranes dry with age and nasal passages weaken. Aging systems fall prey to cumulative effects of allergens constantly attacking the body such as smoke and other air pollutants.

Pay attention to any allergic reaction noticed after drinking alcohol.  If you suffer from chronic fatigue it could be indicative of an allergy. Remember, irritating substances can be ingested by inhaling, swallowing or by skin contact.  If you have five friends, one of you is probably suffering from an allergy.

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