Identifying The Symptoms Of Heartburn

Identifying The Symptoms Of Heartburn

The acid reflux, more commonly known as heartburn, is experienced by a large number of people. In order to prevent heartburn, it is important for you to understand that what actually is heartburn and what are its symptoms.

Heartburn is the condition when you feel a burning sensation in your stomach. It generally occurs when the acid in your stomach, flows into the esophagus, instead of getting digested. It causes a burning feeling in the throat and chest.

It is better to properly identify the symptoms of heartburn before starting any remedies or medication. Here is a list of some common symptoms that a person may feel during heartburn:

  • Burning sensation: the burning sensation does not actually occur in the heart or the stomach but can be felt near the breastbone. That is why most people complain of a burning sensation in the chest area during heartburn.
  • Sore throat: the next part that gets affected the most, after the chest, is the throat. You might feel an unusual soreness in your throat, especially in the back area, which is very similar to the feeling of burning.
  • Bitter taste: when a person is suffering from heartburn he will usually feel a bitter taste in his mouth. This bitter or sour taste in the mouth or throat is actually caused by the acid.
  • Difficulty in swallowing: Having such soreness in your throat makes it difficult to swallow anything. You can feel as if you have a lump in your throat which is making it hard for you to swallow.
  • Coughing: though generally it is not associated with heartburn but cough can also occur. As the top portion of your lungs gets affected, it can cause cough very similar to asthma.

The most prominent symptom of heartburn is that this condition occurs mainly after eating spicy or fried foods. This problem can be easily avoided by improving your eating habits.

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