How to Help a Loved One With Their Depression

How to Help a Loved One With Their Depression

It is hard enough when you have your own depression, but it can be even more difficult when someone you love has it. This is especially difficult if you don’t personally have much experience with it. The following tips are going to help you help your loved one with depression.

Know What to Say

First of all, it helps to know what is appropriate to say to someone who is dealing with depression. Your words can actually make a large impact, helping them to feel better or far worse. When you know someone with depression, just let them know they are not alone. Don’t presume to know what they are going through, but be present and offer your help with whatever they need. Tell them they are important to you and that their life is important. This is crucial for someone with severe depression who has suicidal tendencies.

Know What Not to Say

You should also be careful to avoid certain words that cant rigger someone with depression. Never assume they don’t feel how they say they feel. Depression is a complicated illness that is very hard for others to understand. Never make assumptions or hint that it is all in their head. Don’t assume you know what it’s like if you really don’t, and don’t try to tell them just to be positive or see the bright side of things.

Encourage Them to Seek Treatment

This is one of the more difficult things to do, because someone with depression might not seek treatment on their own. You should approach them gently without making them feel crazy, but just let them know you are there to help. If you want your loved one to get treatment, explain that it could help them feel better and stop feeling so miserable. Help them make an appointment with their doctor, as many people with depression will never make this step on their own. Let them know you will be there with them, even going to each appointment if that is what they need.

Be the Person They Turn to

For someone you are close to who is suffering from depression, what they really need is someone to talk to and lean on. This doesn’t require a lot on your part other than being there for them and never judging how they think or feel.

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