How to Start Exercising

How to Start Exercising

For some people it’s hard to believe the words fit and fun can be used in the same sentence. The same might go for fifty, fun, and fit. But here goes something. Once you turn fifty it is difficult to stay fit and to maintain a healthy weight, let alone lose weight and still have fun. For some, this is not news, but for others this is a shock.

There are people who have been able to eat all the sugars, carbs, and fats they’ve desired their entire lives. This seemingly instant weight gain is a total surprise and they are completely new to healthy eating and staying fit. Fad diets, diet pills, dietary supplements, and exercise gizmos, are just a few things that usually make an appearance and soon disappear during sometime in everyone’s life

Buying the thigh master, or the abs lounger will make you feel better at the time of purchase, however, you have to use them. Just having them in your possession does not equal fitness. You can tell yourself the supplements are working. Since taking them you have had more energy, feel less stressed, eat less, but the weight is still there. Then, a curve ball really upsets your day. You yell, or depending on your personality, tense up and keep it inside, reach for the ice cream, eat yourself into exhaustion and take a nap.

Are we having fun yet? Proof is in the pudding, pun intended. What’s the best thing for maintaining or losing weight and achieving a healthy, fit lifestyle? Get off your butt and get moving. That’s right, diet and exercise. Put down the fork and walk away. Eat healthy and work out.

Whether your five or fifty, no matter how you say it, the oldest trick in the book works the best. Fitness is not just a fad it is a lifestyle. Staying fit improves your chances of losing and/or maintaining a healthy weight, managing stress, lowering cholesterol, fighting diseases such as osteoporosis, heart attacks, and cancers.

Are you walking away from reading this because you are going to get something to eat, or are you going for a walk? If the idea of getting fit has crossed your mind there is no time like the present. Make a workout playlist of your favorite songs and get off your butt and get moving. Have fun and include stretching, cardio, strength training, and stretching. Find new recipes and reintroduce yourself to your kitchen by trying exotic and fun healthy foods. No excuses.

Beginner Guides to Start Exercising

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