How to Create Your Own HIIT Routine

How to Create Your Own HIIT Routine

If you’ve had some experience with HIIT workouts, you know how powerfully effective they can be, but what if there’s something you want to add or change? Familiarity with the process used by HIIT might make you want to try some new and interesting variations of routines that can help to bring a feeling of freshness to a workout that might be getting stale. Alternatively, you might be searching for a way to focus on a specific area that has been troublesome. Fortunately, this is a short guide on how HIIT is organized, and how you can learn how to create your own HIIT routine.

Know What You Are Targeting

To begin, it’s of paramount importance to establish what areas you’re planning to work on. That will help you to choose what kinds of moves that you are going to be doing. Find a good exercise that suits this purpose and provides a sort of balance. If you’re planning to do longer HIIT workout sessions, try to pair high intensity movements with low intensity movements for the best results. It’s not going to be effective or practical if you try to do 30 minutes of high intensity workouts. That may reduce your returns and even expose you to the possibility of injury.

Work and Rest Intervals

It’s important to set very carefully planned and realistic goals. HIIT needs to be performed at your highest level of effort for a predetermined period of time, and choosing to perform certain exercises can be very discouraging if you pick a high number of seconds for an exercise that engages your entire core. Try to keep it within a reasonable limit. Be sure that your rest periods between the exercises are also reasonable and consistent so that you get the absolute best out of your routines. Some exercise can also be placed back to back to give your set variety if you’re looking to really push hard. It’s all up to you, just be sure to be smart about it.

Get to Work

Now that you have a set of parameters, you can get into your workout and experiment. If you find yourself feeling strained, you should seriously consider scaling the exercise back a small amount until you can perform it without feeling as though you’re going to be injured. The point of all of this, is to reach higher levels of health, and to get into better shape!

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