How Juicing is a Great Family Activity

How Juicing is a Great Family Activity

Juicing isn’t just something healthy you can do for your kids, but actually something you can turn into a family activity. You can start grocery shopping together for the fruits and vegetables, gather around the kitchen table to come up with new recipes, and keep a family book of juicing recipes to enjoy together. Here are some different ways juicing is good for the entire family to be involved in.

Everyone Will Learn Something New

It is always a good idea to learn something new as a family. When you are trying to make the decision to start juicing, it can be a little discouraging when you realize you are learning something new that will be all your responsibility. However, if your kids are old enough, then they can also become very involved in the process. You can involves your kids every step of the way, letting the family shop for the juicer you want to use and have everyone gather in the kitchen as you look at the instructions or follow along with a juicing challenge to learn the essentials of juicing.

You Can Create Recipes Together

Something else you will be able to do with green juicing as a family is creating recipes together. As you go along, you will probably use juicing recipes you find when you first get started. This lets you see the type of flavors you can accomplish and what fruits, vegetables, and herbs make the best green juice. However, that doesn’t mean this is the only way to get recipes. You might start by slowly altering recipes you find to fit your preferences, then gradually turn these into custom recipes your family enjoys. You can let your kids come up with their own recipes, get try them all as a family.

It Encourages Kids to be Healthier

You might have been trying to switch your family to a healthier lifestyle, but have a hard time doing it. However, when you involve your kids in the entire process, it might get them more interested n the health aspects. They see all the fresh produce that is used, understand nothing extra goes into making their own green juice, and will be much more enticed to drink the green liquid in their glass since they know it is just fruits and veggies.

Try to turn green juicing into a family activity to get everyone to drink their juice, understand the importance of why you are juicing, and even have a little fun while you are doing it.

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