How Getting Out in the Sunlight Is a Great Way to Feel More Awake and Get More Energy

How Getting Out in the Sunlight Is a Great Way to Feel More Awake and Get More Energy

When you think about the feeling of sun on your skin, chances are it brings a smile to your face. It’s no wonder, since exposure to the sun can improve your mood and give your enthusiasm a boost. Even though prolonged exposure to sunlight without a protective sunblock isn’t advisable, spending a reasonable amount of time in the sunlight can help you wake up more easily and feel energized for the whole day.

Soak in the Sunshine Vitamin

The main cause why sunshine has such a profound effect on our mood and energy levels is that it’s our body’s way of absorbing vitamin D, better known as the sunshine vitamin.

Amongst many other benefits it provides us with, vitamin D is crucial for making us feel energetic and vibrant, but unfortunately, statistics indicate that deficiency in vitamin D is one of the main culprits for the increase in fatigue and lethargy in modern times.

Since our body can produce vitamin D efficiently only if we’re exposed to the sun without wearing any sunblock, most people fear that potential negative impacts of the sun on unprotected skin far outweigh the benefits. Fortunately, this is not the case. Researchers proved that as little as 5 to 15 minutes of unprotected sun exposure daily is enough to maintain the required levels of vitamin D. Considering it’s not prolonged exposure, you won’t be putting the health of your skin to risk, and you’ll still be able to obtain the amount of sunshine vitamin you need.

Waking Up with The Sun

They don’t say “rise and shine” for nothing- waking up with sunlight in your room is a foolproof way to get out of bed energized and alert. Being woken up by natural light will signal your body that it’s time to start the day, and it won’t leave you feeling sluggish and reaching for the snooze button. Our circadian circle is dependent on light, and you’ll find you’re feeling livelier and getting out of bed faster during the summer months. This is because melatonin, a hormone that makes us feel sleepy, is released in the brain when it registers the dark. If you sleep with covered windows, you’ll notice it’s much harder to get out of bed in the morning when you wake up in the dark. To wake up alert and well-rested, steer clear of eye mask and keep your curtains and blinds open- getting out of bed will be an easy task if you open your eyes in a room bathed in sunlight.

Harvest The Solar Power

Sun isn’t only a renewable energy source capable of generating heat and electricity- you can harness the power of the Sun’s rays to feel powered up yourself.

Exposure to natural light helps us obtain vitamin D, which is crucial for boosting our energy, in addition to many other benefits to our health, but it also increases the levels of serotonin. Known as the happy hormone, serotonin is responsible for the feeling of happiness, and being out in the sun will significantly improve your enthusiasm and keep you in a good mood.

When you’re feeling down or low on energy, spending between 15 and 30 minutes out in the sun will do wonders for you. You’ll clear your mind and feel more alert, and the revitalizing effect of vitamin D will kick in instantly, leaving you invigorated and up for a challenge.

Balance Is the Key

Even though exposure to the sun has many benefits, don’t overdo it. Staying unprotected in the sun for a period longer than 30 minutes increases the risk of sunburn and damage to your skin, and if you tend to stay out in the sun more than you should on a regular basis, you’re more likely to get skin cancer. Since a period of sun exposure needed for the production of vitamin D and serotonin is under half an hour, feel free to put on sunblock after you soak in all the goodness- this way you can enjoy being out and about as long as you want, and protect your skin too.

Make sure you’re not out in the sun when it’s at its highest, which is between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. The best period to get your daily dose of sunshine is in the early morning and late afternoon- this way you’ll reduce the risk of skin damage, and still be able to fully enjoy the reinvigorating effects of sunlight.

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