How Beets Are Helping People Lose Weight

How Beets Are Helping People Lose Weight

There are a lot of foods that are commonly classified under superfoods – foods that have a wide variety of health and nutritional benefits that make them even better for you to eat than normal foods.

You’ve probably heard of a few of these, one of the most popular being avocado, but just eating avocado gets old pretty quickly. A new superfood on the rise lately is beets.More specifically, it’s the root of the beet plant that has all of the nutritional value.

The greens of the plant aren’t good for humans to eat, but the dark red roots have a wide variety of benefits. It’s important that you avoid eating the green leaves of the plant, because they can make you sick.

The red roots can be prepared in a number of ways, from raw slices to boiled chunks, and even as a juice. You can incorporate beets into your diet by having a smoothie in the morning and some roasted cuts as a side in your dinner.

One of the major benefits of beets is their use in weight loss plans. Beets are extremely low in calories and in fats, but have some carbohydrates. This makes them a great option for a smoothie base or a side dish for a more protein rich meal.

A proper calorie balance as well as a proper macronutrient balance are extremely important to losing weight. They can be seasoned to taste, of course, but are actually quite good on their own.

Another benefit of beets are the vitamins and minerals they contain. For example, beets are very high in vitamin C, which can help stave off a variety of diseases by boosting the immune system.

Another significant thing beets contain a lot of is fiber, which can help significantly with the digestive process, helping you lose more weight faster. Proper digestive function is often overlooked in the weight loss process, but it’s the primary means by which you flush out your system.

Research has also shown that beets have a great deal of disease fighting properties. Their high levels of vitamins are a major plus for common infectious diseases, keeping your body healthy enough to fight them off its own.

However, a much more significant find has shown that beets may have nutrients in them that can prevent cancer. Primarily, it helps boost your body’s cells that prevent cancerous tumors from appearing in the first place.

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