GreenWorks 25142 10 Amp Corded 16 Inch Mower Review

GreenWorks 25142 10 Amp Corded 16 Inch Mower Review

The GreenWorks 25142 is the perfect addition to any garage or tool shed. Lightweight, manoeuvrable, and efficient, this electric mower will make your lawn the envy of your neighbours. Not only does it require no maintenance, unlike traditional gas mowers it starts with the flip of a switch every time. This mower causes zero stress and will make your weekend chores fly by.


* 10-amp motor powers through lawn work

* 16” steel cutting deck gets in tight spots to make short work of trim

* 5-position single lever allows single-handed height adjustments

* 7-inch wheels for enhanced handling

* Spacious bagging and mulching capability

* Industry-leading comprehensive 4-year warranty

The Good

The GreenWorks 25142 will become the most useful tool you own when it comes to your lawn. This mower is smaller and lighter than most other mowers on the market, making for easy manoeuvring around flowerbeds and hard to reach places. It is perfect for all landscaping and tough trim jobs, while being wide enough to tackle your entire lawn. The collapsible handle also makes it easy to get beneath low branches to reach difficult places you might otherwise miss. The height adjustment mechanism locks the deck in position, ensuring that you get the perfect cut every time.

Compared to other electric lawnmowers the GreenWorks 25142 is built tough, in order to last a long time. Its steel deck can withstand wear and tear, and the big 10-amp electric motor cuts through wet grass much better than the competition. It’s well-balanced, with a soft, ergonomic grip for maximum hand and wrist comfort, making it perfect for yards large or small.

The 16” steel blade chops your grass finely, and the design sucks up any of the clippings. It’s exceedingly quiet, making even less noise than an electric weed whacker. Despite being electric, the GreenWorks 25142 can still take on the most wild lawns with its sturdy build and high-quality electric motor.

Although the bag might look small compared to other mowers, the GreenWorks 25142’s bag condenses and compacts your grass as you mow. This cuts down on the amount of times that you’ll need to stop and empty the bag, making every minute you spend on your lawn count for more. When it does need to be emptied, the bag is easy to take off and reattach with hand, and it’s been designed to dump out quickly and completely.

The Bad

The fact that the GreenWorks 25142 requires a cord makes it a bit more inconvenient than some models, although with a little bit of practice it’s just as easy to use as a traditional mower. Care needs to be taken to mow in an outward pattern from the electrical outlet, ensuring that you never tangle or double back over the cord. Although it’s not as simple as a batter-powered model, the extra power that’s gained from plugging the mower in shouldn’t be ignored.

The Verdict

The GreenWorks 25142 will tackle any out of control lawn, hugging your house and cutting up close to trees and bushes. It features a powerful 10-amp motor that ensures the blade cuts well and evenly, even through wet grass. Its narrow design and lightweight construction make it manageable for everyone to use, and it’s a great alternative to gas-guzzling mowers. Emptying and attaching the bag is quick and easy, so your lawn will look clean and manicured after using this mower. If you want to cut your lawn with absolutely no hassle, the GreenWorks 25142 is an excellent choice. Click Here To Buy This Lawnmower!

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