Green Tea vs Other Teas

Green Tea Vs Other Teas

When it comes to tea and health, green tea often gets all the praise. However, all types of tea can benefit your body. This article will compare green tea to some of the other top teas.

Antioxidant Content

Black tea, green tea and white tea all come from the same Camellia Sinensis plant. This plant contains high levels of a group of health boosting nutrients called flavan-3-ols and so by drinking any of these types of tea, you can supply your body with plenty of flavan-3-ols.


The level of flavan-3-ols in each type of tea does vary slightly due to the production processes with white tea containing the most flavan-3-ols and black tea containing the fewest. However, by drinking at least two cups of any type of tea each day, you can consume enough flavan-3-ols to enjoy their health benefits which are listed below:

  • Boosting your blood
  • Preventing chronic disease
  • Protecting your body from oxidative damage
  • Strengthening your heart
  • Strengthening your immune system


Caffeine Content


All types of tea contain caffeine, although the amount varies depending on whether it’s black tea, green tea or white tea. Black tea contains an average of 40mg of caffeine per cup while green tea contains an average of 30mg of caffeine per cup and white tea contains an average of 20mg of caffeine per cup.


According to the latest research, you can consume up to 300mg of caffeine per day without any adverse effects. Therefore, as long as you limit your consumption of tea to eight cups per day, you can enjoy this healthy drink without any negative overdose symptoms.




Flavor is a big deciding factor when it comes to the tea you choose. Black tea has the richest flavor and can be enjoyed with or without milk. Green tea has a grassy, vegetal taste and should be enjoyed with no milk. White tea should also be served with no milk and tastes similar to green tea but has a milder, fruitier, slightly floral flavor.


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Although green tea gets plenty of publicity, the truth is that black tea, green tea and white tea all have similar effects on your health and by drinking a few cups of these healthy hot beverages each day, you can enjoy all the benefits discussed above. So simply make sure you’re drinking between 2-8 cups of any type of tea each day and start boosting your health now.


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