Gain Weight Program

Gain Weight Program

Each body is unique and a gain weight program should be made to fit you personally. You can create this program yourself or you can follow one that’s ready made and make a few adjustments to make it more personal.

The program should take into consideration your lifestyle – like how active you are, how much you eat now, how long you’ve tried to gain and where you are in your mindset. Why is your mindset important?

Because the mind is where so many battles are lost or won. If you’ve already made up your mind that you will never do it, you won’t. Instead, switch to the mindset of thinking, “I’ll try again.” Any goal worth reaching is worth staying after until it becomes a reality.

Decide what you want your weight to be. Note that this should be a healthy weight for your body. Once you’ve made that decision, break down the pounds into how many calories you must consume per day, then break that down into how many per meal.

If you don’t know how many calories you need to eat in order to gain weight, you will need to take what constitutes a gain (3,500 calories equals a pound of weight gain) and subtract the calories you burn in all the activities that you do so that you come out ahead.

It’s healthy to gain one to two pounds per week, but many people will find that the weight comes on a lot faster than that – especially the first week. A gain weight program should focus on a strategy that will let you see results right away.

Too long without seeing the numbers on the scale go up can lead to discouragement. But seeing the pounds add up can give you a feeling of empowerment and make you want to keep on moving forward with the plan.

If you want to see results faster than one to two pounds a week, you’ll need to add supplements to your food intake. If they’re high enough in calories and protein, then you can have one in place of a meal – but for the best weight gain, make the shakes an addition instead.

To keep yourself encouraged, make sure that you weigh yourself regularly, but understand that the scale can show a fluctuation based on several factors – so don’t be shocked or dismayed if the numbers don’t add up.

What should you eat on a gain weight program? A few sample high calorie meals would include having eggs, oatmeal, a banana and orange juice at breakfast. When it’s time for a snack, eat another banana and drink a glass or two of whole milk.

For lunch, have a double portion of pasta with meat. Add a shake supplement. For dinner, eat more pasta with meat and have a second shake supplement. As a second snack, eat another banana, half a peanut butter sandwich and with some nuts. Before you go to sleep for the night, have either more milk and regular yogurt or have another shake. You can easily double how many calories you eat in a day this way.

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