Five Tips to Get Ripped

Five Tips to Get Ripped

If you’re ready to build muscles and get ripped, you’ll need to follow a plan that includes diet and exercise. Here are five tips to get ripped as quickly as possible.

Tip #1 – If you have excess fat, consume fewer calories than you burn. Most of getting ripped is contributed by your diet. If you have excess fat, you need to get rid of it so that your muscle tissue can show through.

There are many different diet plans that can help you lose fat. You just need to choose one that you can stick to so that you’ll be able to get the long-term results you want. However, there are some nutrients your body requires to gain muscle.

Tip #2 – Consume more protein. Protein is the nutrient that helps you to gain muscle and build tissues throughout your body. When you consume a diet high in protein, you provide your body with what it needs to build muscle.

Many people go on weight loss programs and begin to lose lean muscle on top of fat. By upping your protein consumption you can prevent the muscle loss and get the body you really want while following a weight loss diet.

Tip #3 – Perform proper weight lifting. In order to increase your muscle mass you have to perform resistance training exercises. The best weight training for building muscle is to perform a small number of reps at a high intensity.

Lift enough weight that after doing two sets of eight your muscle is at failure. That means that you can’t lift the weight in smooth, consistent motion. This is sufficient to build muscle and gives you the bonus of taking less time.

Tip #4 – Work many muscle groups at once. Many people spend hours at the gym working on single muscles such as biceps or triceps. However, there are several exercises that incorporate multiple muscles. These are more efficient and do a better job of helping you to get ripped.

For example, performing squats, rowing, deadlifts, and bench press exercises can help you work more muscles at once.

Tip #5 – Minimize your cardio workout. It’s important to perform cardio exercises to keep your heart healthy and to lose weight. But doing a cardio workout every day can actually have the opposite effect you’re seeking.

Getting 30 minutes of cardio two or three days a week is sufficient if you’re already lifting weights the other days of the week. Remember that building muscle through strength training actually helps your metabolism to speed up and increase fat loss.

By following these simple tips you’ll notice that you gain more muscle and lose weight from fat that you don’t want. This will allow you to get ripped and have the body you desire.

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