Filling Low-Carb Snack Ideas

Filling Low-Carb Snack Ideas

You may be able to come up with breakfast, lunch, and dinner ideas for your new low-carb diet routine, but one area that is tough are snacks. Snack ideas are usually filled with sweets, salts, or unnecessary carbs. With that in mind, you may be having a really hard time trying to narrow down the snacks to the options that work best for you. Here are a few ideas that are low-carb and filling.

Raw Vegetable Mix

One of the most filling and easiest low- snacks to fix is a raw vegetable mix. You can cut the vegetables up ahead of time and have them with you when you want it. The best vegetables to keep on this mix are broccoli, bell peppers, and carrots. These are all low-carb and filling while giving you added benefits from various vitamins and minerals. They are also good for your digestive system which can become blocked when you make a change from one eating routine to another. You can add a low-carb dressing for dipping as well.

Low-Carb Fruit Salad Bowl

A low-carb fruit salad bowl is another ideal and filling snack. You can have cottage cheese on the side of this snack as well. Make sure to add certain fruits that have a low-carb level. These can be watermelon, strawberries, cantaloupe, and other forms of melon. Cut them up and add them together for an on the go or ready to go to snack option. This snack also gives you the benefit of natural sweet flavor so you can avoid things like chocolate or high carb sweets.

Almond Milk Smoothie

Sometimes you don’t have time to eat raw veggie trays or salad bowls. In fact, you may be on the go and you can only stop somewhere to grab something. One option that many fruit and juice bars, health food bars, and snack stops are now carrying nut based milk smoothies. These are ideal for a low-carb diet. Just make sure you stick to an almond milk base and add fruits that are also low-carb. A strawberry almond milk smoothie is ideal for this kind of snack. It can also be very filling and be sipped on while you are driving or running errands.

These snacks can be made ahead and used as part of your daily routine meal plan. You can have them ready to grab at home or when you are on the go as well. These will help you avoid bad food choices and help you stay on your low-carb track.

Best Low-Carb Snack Ideas

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