Eye Care Tips For Preventing Glaucoma

Eye Care Tips For Preventing Glaucoma

Nobody knows exactly what causes glaucoma.  For a long time people believed it was down to high intraocular pressure (fluid pressure) within the eye.  However, it was then discovered that people with normal intraocular pressure could still develop glaucoma.  One thing that is certain is that this disease develops when the optic nerve inside the eye becomes damaged.  Therefore, taking proper care of your eyes and doing everything in your power to protect them from damage is a must.  In this article I will be discussing three eye care tips that can keep your eyes safe and prevent glaucoma.

Go For Regular Eye Exams

If you want to prevent glaucoma and minimise the impact it has on your life then this is the number one thing you need to be doing.  Over 90% of glaucoma cases exhibit little to no symptoms until they become advanced.  By this point the damage has often been done and the impact on sight can be severe.

However, if you go for regular eye exams your eye specialist will be able to perform tests and pick up little signs and symptoms that you would not naturally notice yourself.  For example, your eye specialist will be able to test for changes in your peripheral vision – something that you wouldn’t even notice on a day to day basis.

The frequency with which you should go for eye exams depends on your age.  The list below offers some suggestions:

  • Less than 40 years old = At least every four years.
  • Between 40 and 54 years old = At least every three years.
  • Between 55 and 64 years old = At least every two years.
  • Over 64 years old = At least every year.

Protect Your Eyes During Sport

If you are playing a sport that puts you at risk of heavy impacts to the eye then you should make sure they are protected.  For example, if you are playing squash make sure you get yourself some squash goggles.  Sports injuries that make the eye compress suddenly (such as a squash ball hitting you in the eye) can damage the optic nerve and cause glaucoma.  You might not like the look of protective gear but sacrificing your image to protect your eyesis definitely worthwhile.

Wear Sunglasses

Whilst ultraviolet light (UV) light is not believed to cause glaucoma, it can increase the severity of the problem in sufferers.  Therefore, if you are suffering from glaucoma and want to stop your eyes becoming irritated get a good pair of sunglasses and wear them when it is sunny outside.


As I said at the beginning of this article no one knows what causes glaucoma.  However, since it is an eye disease, protecting your eyes is a very smart move.  Following these tips will keep your eyes safe from damage and hopefully help you avoid glaucoma.

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