Evenflo Serenade Infant Car Seat Review

The Evenflo Serenade Infant Car Seat Review

Traveling with baby shouldn’t feel like another chore, and it won’t if you purchase the Evenflo Serenade Infant Car Seat for your little one. This seat is at the top of its class, as it accommodates growing children up to 35 pounds, features an ergonomic design and practical features that ensure maximum safety. With innovative SureLATCH technology and the Infinite Slide Harness Adjust, you’ll know that baby is always safe and secure, whether you’re heading to the supermarket or visiting family in another state.

Evenflo Serenade Infant Car Seat Specifications:

Average Price: $149.99
Product Dimensions: 30.8 x 18.8 x 18.2 inches; 20.4 pounds
Minimum Weight Recommendation: 5 pounds
Maximum Weight Recommendation: 35 pounds
Orientation: Rear-facing
Harness Type: 5 point
Features: Adjustable canopy, removable, washable pad

What’s So Great About the Evenflo Serenade Infant Car Seat?

Technology: This Evenflo introduces an array of features that result from technological advances in safety mechanisms. The SureLATCH technology is an exclusive of Evenflo and depends on two connectors to use with a vehicle’s LATCH system. This ensures proper installation in a fraction of the time as with other seats. The Infinite Slide Harness Adjust is an innovative harness system that promotes a safe and accurate harness fit as well.

Practical: The Evenflo Serenade is all about practicality, and the features stay true to the ergonomic design. The padding is superior, comfortable and breathable, keeping baby cool and dry even on long trips. And, bigger babies will still receive the same cushiony padding without feeling the plastic from the seat. The padding is removable and washable, so a quick toss in the washing machine will remove stains and spills. A large sun canopy shades baby from all angles and features mesh sides for optimal air flow.

Safety: The five-point harness and SureLATCH system are just the beginning of the safety features. The Serenade also includes a PositionRight Base that features dual level indicators to ensure the proper installation of the seat. The infant carrier is side impact tested and meets all federal safety standards. In fact, the seat is designed for structural reliability at energy levels that are two times the federal crash test standard. Now that’s safety!

Weight Limit: The Serenade is a perfect choice for parents because it supports weights from 5 pounds to 35 pounds. The seat will definitely get you through your child’s first year of life, while providing adequate comfort and safety. Even if your child isn’t close to the 35 pound mark at the end of 12 months, he or she will still enjoy the additional room that provides extra comfort.

Travel-Friendly: Not only does the Serenade offer the utmost safety, but it also provides that safety in a fraction of the time. With fast, tight and secure installation, you can click and go within seconds. You can even use the seat without a base, making transporting between cars a breeze. The ergonomic handle adds comfort to everyday carrying, while the cushiony seat is easy to keep clean.

What’s Not So Great About the Evenflo Serenade Infant Car Seat?

Heavy: Any seat that can accommodate up to 35 pounds is bound to be heavy, so be prepared to have added weight with the Serenade. With this in mind, the weight of the seat and the child combined will be a lot to carry, especially if you have a heavier baby. Most parents find that their children are only around 20-23 pounds by the age of one, and instead enjoy the extra room the seat provides instead of using the seat until baby is 35 pounds.

Strap Position: The straps do not tighten at the shoulders as many other infant seats do, and instead tighten at the hips. This not only takes some getting used to for some parents, but also it can cause seat belt burn on the child. To avoid this, make sure you have a pair of pants or capris on baby, and try not to pull the belt too tight along the hips, although the harness should be snug around baby.

Sunshade: Pieces on the sunshade have been known to break, but fortunately, Evenflo is good at handling these issues. Replacements are sent at no additional charge, but it can be frustrating to have a broken sunshade, especially if you use the shade on a regular basis.

Is the Evenflo Serenade Infant Car Seat a Great Purchase?

Any parent will love the Evenflo Serenade, especially those that are on the go quite often. The travel-friendly features, quick safety mechanisms and technologically advanced components put this seat one step ahead of others on the market. An additional base can also be purchased through Evenflo, and the company provides exceptional customer support for parents with questions or concerns. The Evenflo Serenade is safety and innovative features at their best. Click here to buy this infant car seat!

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