Easy Ways to Sneak in Fitness

Easy Ways to Sneak in Fitness

You probably know the importance of getting regular exercise, but actually finding time to get it done can be a lot more difficult. However, there are ways you can sneak it in during your normal day without ever scheduling the exercises or hitting the gym. Every little bit helps, son on your busy days when you can’t find time for a regular workout, the following tips will be very useful.

Start Parking Far Away

Keep in mind that the more you walk during the day, the more ‘accidental’ fitness you are getting. Every time you go to the store or anywhere else with a parking lot, you have a very easy opportunity to get in a little bit of exercise. Try to park at the very back of the parking lot, furthest away from the office building or store. If you have kids with you, they are also going to get some extra walking in, which is good for the entire family. Make a habit of always finding the parking spot furthest away from where you are going, and those steps will start increasing.

Speed Walk When Running Errands

Another great way to use walking as a way to sneak in some fitness during the day is by speed walking when you are running errands. If you need to go grocery shopping, try to walk as fast as you can down each aisle until you find what you need. If you are going to the mall, avoid the escalator and elevator and use the stairs. Park near the store at the opposite end of the one you need so that you are not only walking through the parking lot, but all the way down the length of the mall, as quickly as possible.

Try to Exercise While at Work

If you work part-time or full-time while the kids are in school, then you can take advantage of that time to get in some more fitness. For example, when you are talking on the phone in your office, you can do wall sit or lunges. When waiting for a fax to come through the fax machine, start doing squats. Always use the stairs in the office, and walk to get your coffee or pick up files instead of asking your secretary to do it for you. These small things will add up quickly.

Never Just Stand Still

Any time you are just standing there waiting for something or someone is an opportunity to get in some exercise. When standing in line at the grocery store, stand on your tippie toes and see how long you can do it for. If waiting outside your kids’ school for them to emerge at the end of the day, tighten your stomach muscles from the time you arrive until you see them come out of the school.

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