Easy Low-Carb Food Swaps

Easy Low-Carb Food Swaps

Making food swaps may seem a bit odd to you. Most people do have to look to this option when they first start on a new diet plan. They may make swaps for sweets or salts in their diet or even for food like meats and dairy. If you are looking at ways to stay on your low-carb diet plan, then you may be looking at making food swaps yourself. Here are a few of the easiest swaps you can make to help you keep low-carb.

Mushrooms for Hamburger Buns

One of the things that people feel they will have to let go when they go on a low-carb diet is hamburgers. This is mainly due to the hamburger buns that are used. Instead of letting it go completely, replace the hamburger buns with portabello mushrooms. You can use one cap for the bottom bun and one cap for the top. Just make sure to roast them a bit and to clean them well before the roasting. They can be roasted with some olive oil for about twenty minutes. Add a little bit of salt for more flavor.

Cauliflower for Potatoes

Mashed potatoes are something that many people have as a side dish when they are eating out or dining in. This can be incredibly high in carbs. One option is to swap to sweet potatoes, but that still may be more than you want to take in for a daily carb limit. If this sounds like an issue you are having, you can use cauliflower instead. Just steam it then mash it down. This can make a mashed potato swap that is low in carbs and still very filling.

Avocado for Mayo

Mayo can really pack on a lot of unwanted things for low-carb and other diets. You may feel like the best option is to swap to a vegan mayo, but that may not be the best option. Instead consider using a very low carb option, avocado. Just slice the avocado or chunk it and mix it in a food processor until it is smooth. You may need to add some salt and olive oil to taste and to get the right consistency. You can then store it as a spread and use it on sandwiches or in salads where mayo would normally be used.

Banana Puree for Pancake Mix

Families tend to love pancake breakfasts. This sounds great, but if you are on a low-carb diet this can really throw you off track. Instead, use a banana puree and egg to create the pancakes. This is a very low-carb option and gives you the benefits of potassium and other minerals. You can just take ripe bananas in puree form and add one to two eggs depending on how many pancakes you want to make. Make them the same as traditional pancakes.

These are only a few of the food swaps you may want to consider. There are others that can help you get through the first stages of your low-carb diet and keep you on track. Make sure to do your research so you can add more food swaps to your list as needed.

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