Dip Stands

Dip Stands

Adding a dip stand to your bodyweight training routine is an easy way to build strength. They can give you multiple ways to exercise and they use all the major muscle groups during your workout.

By using a dip stand, you can increase your flexibility and stamina as you add various exercises. The heart of a dip stand’s ability to give you more strength is found in the way that it adds resistance through the different ways you’ll need to move your body.

You’ll use your body’s weight to perform the moves. You can do pull-ups, push-ups, leg raises and more using a dip stand. If you do need to lose weight, a dip stand can help with that.

The amount of benefit that you’ll get from adding one of these to your routine will depend on the exercises you do and the amount of the resistance level. Carrying around extra pounds adds to the level of resistance you’ll have.

These accessories are great for building overall body strength, but especially upper body strength. You’ll build lean muscles in your triceps, your chest and your shoulders.

You can switch up the resistance level of the exercises you do with a dip stand – depending on whether or not you’re an advanced bodyweight training user or not. Some users do add a weight vest to get more out of their workout.

When buying a dip stand, which is also called a dip station, you’ll want to check the weight limit. A few of them have lower weight limits. Always choose the ones with a higher weight limit because the resistance from your body weight will add pressure and increase the pull on the stand.

The Black Mountain Products Heavy Duty Stand is one that can handle any weight. It has a 3,000 pound limit. With the stabilizing pads, you can use it on carpet or on hardwood or tile flooring.

The grips are soft foam making it comfortable to use for weighted dips. The Ultimate Body Press Dip Stand is another good dip stand. This one can be used for a variety of exercises to build strength – including knee raises, chest dips, and compound bodyweight exercises.

You can also get accessories to add to this stand like a set of rings so that you can do ring push-ups. The stand has non-skid feet and once assembled, the frame can support up to 350 pounds.

The Body Solid GDIP59 Dip Station is a dip stand that has 2”x3” bars that are good for users who are tall. The bars are oversized and have slip proof holds. It can be used with weights or weight vests. This model is especially helpful for use in building upper body strength.

Best Dip Bars For Home Gym Exercises

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