Dietary Bodybuilding Supplements to Increase Mass

Dietary Bodybuilding Supplements to Increase Mass

You hear about supplements for bodybuilding all of the time, but you also need to know what kind of diet a bodybuilder needs to eat to build muscle. It can’t all be about powdered shakes and sublingual vitamins!

A good diet is essential to building body mass and keeping the fat off your body. In fact, without the proper nutrients, your frame won’t put on an ounce of muscle, so starving yourself to become lean can backfire.

When we talk about a diet in bodybuilding, we’re not talking about whittling your caloric intake down to near nothing. You might be doing just the opposite – adding a certain type of calories for the hardcore workouts you’re about to engage in.

A bodybuilder doesn’t binge eat. They graze all day long, loading up on the right mix of carbs, protein and fat in smaller meals. A good rule of thumb is to have a 20% intake of fat, and split the remainder into 40% carbs and 40% protein.

Don’t be too rigid on your caloric intake because your body will get used to it and it could stall your fat loss and muscle building progress. Make sure you mix up the types of foods you eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner too – don’t eat the same menu all of the time.

For breakfast, try oatmeal with scrambled egg whites or toast and lean turkey bacon. For a mid-morning snack, a convenient protein bar or shake could be all you need. At lunchtime, mix some green vegetables with lean meat like chicken or fish, and some carbs such as a baked potato. Another late afternoon snack of a bar or shake works well, followed by a good dinner similar to the lunch menu.

In addition to your nutritious meals, you may want to invest in some bodybuilding supplements. These help your body heal, enhance performance and enable you to sustain a longer workout while you push through harder than without supplements. Combined, this helps your body achieve maximum mass muscle building results.

You want your body to be in optimal health while training, so make sure that whatever specific regimen you use, it provides all of the necessary nutrients – vitamins and minerals that your body needs to function and improve.

This may mean taking extra supplements or adding things like flaxseed into your diet to round out what’s already in it. You’ll have to personally choose which bodybuilding supplements are right for you, such as testosterone boosters or fat burners.

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