CrossFit Rope

CrossFit Rope

As a kid you may have participated in rope climbing, but as an adult you may not have had the experience until you encounter CrossFit rope. And while it may look so simple, if you’ve experienced it you know that climbing a rope is no easy feat.

You can’t use just any old rope to train, you need a rope that’s safely manufactured and installed. You also need to use proper technique. But if you have all of that, you’ll be amazed at the kind of workout you can get from such a simple tool.

Most ropes designed for fitness are very thick. The minimum diameter you want to purchase is 1.5 inches thick. You also want a rope that’s reinforced in the center so that it can support your weight and the friction of climbing.

It’s also incredibly important to follow the manufacturer’s directions for anchoring the rope and installing it in your space. Even the strongest rope can become dangerous if you don’t install it properly.

But what’s so great about climbing a rope? If you’ve ever done it you know that climbing a rope is a total body workout. When you climb just a few feet using your own strength and defying gravity to lift your weight, you get more of a benefit than any expensive equipment can provide.

CrossFit rope climbing is one of the most aerobic activities you can perform and it also combines strength training. Climbing a rope once in just a few moments can give you the same benefit of a thirty minute workout running and lifting weights.

You may think that rope climbing is done entirely with your upper body. But it actually takes all of your body in order to be successful. You’ll actually learn techniques for wrapping the rope around your leg as an anchor to push yourself up with your legs while you pull with your arms.

As you can imagine, rope climbing can be rough on your hands. That’s why it’s important that you wear protective gloves to keep your hands protected. Otherwise you risk blisters, calluses, and painful cuts and friction burns.

It’s also important to wear footwear to support and protect your feet. Shoes designed for CrossFit are light and flexible, but also supportive for a variety of activities, including rope climbing.

When it comes to getting fit, you can’t beat the simplicity and effectiveness of this form of exercise. CrossFit rope training will help you to get fit and find the strength you didn’t know you had.

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