Benefits of Using Spirulina for Health

Benefits of Using Spirulina for Health

Spirulina is some blue green algae considered to be a superfood. This superfood is available in various forms including powder and liquid. You can use it daily as part of a juice routine, smoothie routine, or simply as a liquid addition in your water or coffee. If you are new to superfoods, you may not know much about spirulina, including the benefits. Here are a few of the health benefits that you can gain from routine use of the algae.

Protein Intake

If you are a vegetarian, vegan, or if you have a low intake of protein due to changing diets then keeping your protein levels high becomes vital. Spirulina contains over half of the protein you need in a day. This is in just one 3 grams serving size. For most people, that means that in one juice or smoothie with the spirulina added as a supplement, you are not only getting vitamins and minerals you are also getting half of your protein. This makes it easier to get the rest of your protein through the day through your foods no matter what diet plan you are on or changing to.

Beta Carotene

For various reasons, one of the most difficult vitamin for people to get the right amount of during the day is beta carotene. Though carrots are the most common method of getting this into your diet you can get over 2,000 percent of the substance from spirulina. Keep in mind, the importance of beta carotene is the Vitamin A that it creates. This vitamin helps with our vision and is vital to keeping your eye health at good levels.

Iron Intake

Spirulina likely offers one of its biggest benefits to expectant mothers. When you are an expectant mother, one of the levels they check for in the blood work is iron. You must maintain your iron levels and spirulina is ideal. In fact, it has almost 4,000 percent iron to offer to your body. Expectant mothers are not the only ones that can benefit from this. Elderly, people overcoming long illnesses, and those who have low iron in their blood can also benefit from this greatly.

There are an increasing number of benefits to using this superfood. Keep in mind, you can mix it with other superfoods to gain even further benefits to your health. If you are going for a specific benefit, such as assistance with weight loss, you may want to alter your intake and routine to meet those goals.

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