Bath Bombs

Bath Bombs

Making your own spa products is not only a fun hobby but can be a lucrative business as well. Bath bombs are very popular with both adults and children so selling the finished product is simple. Most of the ingredients for your bath bombs are inexpensive and easy to find.

Ingredients such as Epsom salts, baking soda and cornstarch can be found at most local drugstores or supermarkets. The essential oils that you choose to add scent to your bath bombs can be ordered on the internet or found in most natural food stores. It’s best to use quality oils if you are going to sell your product.

Bath bombs have to be molded so that they are easy and fun to use. There are high quality molds that you can purchase at most craft supply stores. Buying these good quality molds will be your biggest investment since the molds will need to last for several bomb batches.

If you are going to sell your bath bombs, choose a mold that is memorable so that people will recognize your product easily. A mold that looks like an actual cartoon bomb or a mold shaped like a favorite animal is a great way to start. Molds shaped like foods or flowers are also very popular since the bath bombs can then be used as decoration for the bathroom prior to bathing.

Depending on the mold style that you choose, you can market your bath bombs in many ways. Purchasing or renting a booth at a flea market is an excellent and inexpensive way to get started in your business. Many customers return to flea markets each week and this makes it easy to build a good list of clients. Make sure that you have a nice label attached to your bath bombs so that the customer can find you when they run out of your product. Pretty packaging can also attract repeat customers because bath bombs make excellent gifts.

If you are serious about your spa product business, you can design a website to help with product sales. Allowing people to order your bath bombs from the internet gives you access to a huge number of clients. Many auction websites offer online stores to sell your products. Bath bombs also sell well in places like holiday stores and gift shops.

Themed bath bombs for Christmas or Easter or other holidays make great gifts for businesses as well. Marketing your bath products to stores and businesses allows you to make a profit while getting greater access to outlets for your product.

Making bath bombs for your friends and family can also save you plenty of money when you need a gift to take to a party. Instead of shopping for hours, you can use your hobby to create a handmade gift. Bath bombs make delightful presents for birthdays, anniversaries and baby or bridal showers.

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