Acne Diet

Acne Diet

There are many diets that are described as having foods which will defeat acne. Because each person is different, many cases of acne are different as well. A diet that will help one person may do nothing for a second person. The key to treating your acne through dietary changes is to be flexible and try several diets.

Adding organic green tea to your diet is an excellent way to begin your acne fighting challenge. Green tea is filled with antioxidants which are thought to boost your immune system and create a body that is strong and healthy. Green tea is also used to aid in skin regeneration which will prevent acne scarring. Boiling your own green tea rather than purchasing tablets or bottled tea is the best way to gain all of the benefits from this natural product.

The very best diet for acne sufferers will also include fruits and vegetables in many varieties. Hormonal causes of acne are often treated with radical diet changes including the removal of red meat, refined sugar and most wheat products from the daily menu.

The average diet that is recommended for diabetic patients is also beneficial for people with acne. This can mean that you would avoid eating processed foods and begin eating natural fruits and vegetables.

Berries and watermelon are among the best fruits for treating acne. Blueberries, blackberries and raspberries are high in phytochemicals, thought to protect the skin. The fruit must be fresh and you cannot substitute frozen or dried berries in your diet. Watermelon can be used to add excellent hydration to the skin and to help control oil production.

Often, avoiding specific foods might be considered as important as eating specific foods. Some foods to avoid include whole milk and other full fat dairy products and foods that contain trans fats. Fried foods and sugary snacks cause fluctuations in your blood sugar and hormonal imbalances that can worsen existing acne problems.

Certain types of acne are considered completely hormonal and imbalances caused by foods are thought to trigger this type of disease. Chocolate is not generally considered a big culprit in acne outbreaks, but the sugar that is used to create the chocolate candy is a problem. Most chocolate contains a large amount of sugar which in turn causes insulin fluctuations.

Some foods can actually be applied directly to the skin to clean pores. These foods include watermelon rind and lemon slices. Lemon slices have a small amount of mild acid that could help to heal damaged skin and remove pustules that have begun to scab. Scrubs for the face that are made of baking soda are also recommended by many dermatologists.

Diets that are low in sugar and high in fresh fruit can lead to a significant change in your skin condition. Although these diets are not proven to help every type of acne, it can never hurt to keep your body healthy by eating right.

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