5 Foods That Prevent Glaucoma

5 Foods That Prevent Glaucoma

There is currently very little evidence that links diet and glaucoma.  However, there are a number of foods that can boost your eyes, promote healthy vision and possibly prevent glaucoma.  Since glaucoma has an adverse effect on your vision it makes sense to do everything within your control to boost your vision.  In this article I will be listing five foods that can help you do exactly that.



Blue Diamond Almonds


Almonds are one of the best sources of vitamin E around and contain 26.2mg of this natural nutrient per 100g.  Vitamin E is a very impressive antioxidant that can keep your eyes safe from the damage caused by free radicals.  It also provides additional protection to all your body’s vital organs including our eyes.



Bob’s Red Mill


Buckwheat is the richest food source of the eye boosting phytonutrient rutin available.  It supports strong, healthy eyes in multiple ways.  For starters, it is a powerful antioxidant that protects your eyes from dangerous free radicals.  In addition to this, rutin supports healthy blood flow and ensures that your eyes and optic nerve are getting the oxygen they need.  Finally, some early studies indicate that rutin can directly protect against eye disorders such as cataracts, glaucoma and macular degeneration.  However, more evidence is required to validate these early studies.





Carrots are one of the top food sources of beta carotene – a substance that the body converts into vitamin A.A 100g serving of carrots supplies your body with a notable 8.3mg of beta carotene.  Whilst there are no studies linking vitamin A with a lower risk of glaucoma, this nutrient is one of the most important when it comes to maintaining strong, healthy vision and night vision.  Additionally, it protects the eyes by acting as an antioxidant.





Kale contains high levels of a very promising phytonutrient – lutein.  It contains 18.2mg of lutein per 100g.  Lutein is actually found in the human eye and because of this many people believe that it can prevent a wide range of eye disorders and keep them healthy.  Early studies into the effects of lutein on the eye have shown very positive results but further research is needed before their effects on the eyes can be fully confirmed.



Navel Oranges – 4 lbs – The Fruit Company


As you probably know, oranges are extremely rich in vitamin C.  A 100g serving or oranges provides you with a massive 53.2mg of vitamin C.  This natural nutrient offers protection to your eyes and is also a powerful antioxidant that can shield them from the harmful effects of free radicals.




Our understanding of glaucoma is still in the very early stages.  We cannot say for sure what causes it and there is also no cure.  However, glaucoma is an eye disorder so making dietary choices that keep your eyes and vision strong is a good move.  It certainly won’t do any harm and may give your body the fuel it needs to fight glaucoma.

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