Why You Should Start Losing Weight Before the Holidays

Why You Should Start Losing Weight Before the Holidays

Losing weight when the holiday season has begun is definitely attainable, but why not start a little beforehand? This can make you more successful in the following ways.

It Helps to Fight Cravings

If you wait until the holiday season has already begun to start your diet, those cravings are probably pretty bad. Whenever you switch to a new eating lifestyle where you eat more or less of what you are used to, you will likely be dealing with cravings. Your body is used to a certain amount of fatty foods, sugar, and carbs, so when you suddenly take it away, you want more as soon as possible. This usually doesn’t last more than a few days or weeks at the most, but if you start the diet right before Christmas, then you will have a harder time avoiding the cravings and not eating everything in sight. This is a good reason to start as early as you can.

Your Current Progress Can Be Motivational

A really good reason to start losing weight before the holidays begin is because you will know that your plan is working. When you start seeing the pounds melt away, whether from your clothes getting looser or actually measuring it with a scale or measuring tape, you will be motivated to continue. This progress shows you that what you are doing is working, and that is the best type of motivation there is for weight loss. By the time the holidays arrive, it is easy to say no to the second plate of food at Christmas dinner or to choose a healthier side dish because you know what you can achieve by sticking to this new healthier lifestyle.

You Will Be Used to the New Diet Regimen

By the time the holidays arrive, you can already be more adjusted to your new dietary rules and restrictions. It doesn’t matter what weight loss plan you decide to go with, it is going to be different from how you typically eat in order to be successful. It can be hard dealing with a holiday party just days after you started, especially when you don’t even have the “diet” quite down yet. If you give yourself at least a few weeks to adjust to it, you will feel more confident when choosing what you can and can’t eat during social gatherings.

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