Which Cold Sore Medication Works Best?

Which Cold Sore Medication Works Best?

If you’ve ever suffered from cold sores, you know just how awful they can be. They’re horrible little fluid-filled blisters that settle on your lips, gums and even the roof of your mouth.

They hurt, and make eating an awful experience. Smiling even hurts, and kissing is out of the question (partly because cold sores are painful and partly because the cold sore virus is extremely contagious). This can lead you on a desperate hunt for the best cold sore medication.

And cold sores look bad, too. You know the feeling – someone is looking at your mouth, not your eyes when you’re having a conversation. They’re looking at you like you’ve got something dreadfully wrong with you. Cold sores take your life over for the seven to ten days that you have to put up with them before they disappear. And then you have to wonder when the next attack will occur.

If you’re wondering which cold sore medication works best, the answer isn’t as easy as you might hope, but you do have many choices. Everyone is different, so some medications and remedies will work well for you, but maybe not as well for someone else. You may have to go through a period of experimentation to find your best cold sore medication.

For many, an over the counter cream that contains the ingredient docosanol works very well. Docosanol, which is also known as behenyl alcohol, has antiviral properties that work well against cold sores. Medications with docosanol are in a cream base with 10% of docosanol as the active ingredient.

Docosanol medication should be applied to the area of the cold sore as soon as possible after the very first tingling sensation signals the start of a cold sore outbreak. It prevents the herpes simplex virus (the virus that causes cold sores) from replicating, so it can help prevent a cold sore and also trim down the time that you have a cold sore.

A prescribed medication of acyclovir, works for many cold sore sufferers and comes in pill and cream form. Again, it should be taken or applied as soon as you notice the very first signs of an oncoming cold sore.

Don’t forget that there are many natural methods for helping to prevent cold sores and to reduce the duration of a cold sore attack. Vitamin and mineral supplements that contain vitamin C, zinc and lysine have been shown to help the immune system battle cold sores with success, and also help prevent future attacks.

Herbal remedies can also be used as cold sore medication. Herbs such as echinacea, self-heal and lemon balm have all been used against cold sores with good results by some. You can also take bee propolis, which inhibits the herpes simplex virus from replicating.

The best cold sore medication for you could be one medication or a combination of supplements or herbs and medications. Depending on how you feel about prescribed medicines vs. natural remedies, and which of these have a positive effect on your cold sores, that’s what will be the best medication or set of medications for you.

Don’t allow cold sores to ruin your life and cause pain and embarrassment. Explore the possibilities that are available to you for preventing cold sores, and keeping them from getting out of control when they do crop up.

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