What to do About Hormonal Acne

What to do About Hormonal Acne

While not all adult acne is caused by hormonal changes, this does tend to be very common among older adults. You have hormonal changes throughout your life, so you might find that when you reach a certain age, your acne comes back full-force. Here are some things you can about hormonal acne.

Signs of Hormonal Acne

Before you start looking for remedies for your adult acne, you need to know if that your acne is actually from hormonal changes. There are many causes of acne, so finding about what is causing the breakouts can really help you figure out the best treatment option. While it is sometimes hard to tell when it is from hormones, there are a few signs to look for. Here are some signs of hormonal acne:

  • Your acne is occurring primarily around your chin, jawline, mouth or nose
  • It worsens when you are on your period, during pregnancy, or during menopause
  • Traditional skin care treatments don’t make a big impact
  • You also have other signs of hormonal changes, such as increased hair growth on your face

Start a New Cleansing Treatment

Cleaning your face daily is of course one of the best things you can do when you have acne, but it is possible that you aren’t doing it correctly. When you have hormonal acne, you want to use a gentle cleanser and one that is fit for your skin type. Not all cleansers are made for all skin types, so it is really important to know if you have dry, oily, or combination skin. You should use the cleanser twice a day and rinse it with cool or lukewarm water. Avoid using ice cold or hot water when rinsing.

Moisturize Regularly

When your hormones start changing during different phases of your life, it can also cause your skin to become dry. This is why you will often see the recommendation of using moisturizer every day. You should preferably use a gentle moisturizer twice a day after you cleanse your face. Try to find one that also has sun protectant in it so you don’t also need to apply sunscreen separately.

Follow a Healthy Diet

What you choose to put in your body is important, so don’t assume your diet isn’t involved. Hormonal changes can also be exacerbated when you aren’t following a healthy diet. Hormonal acne is often improved with whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and by drinking plenty of water each day. Make sure you are aiming for a balance between fat, carbohydrates, protein, and nutrients.

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