What is Diabetes

What is Diabetes

supplements. The onset is normally during puberty rather than as an adult.

Type II Diabetes is the most common form of this disease. About ninety percent of all cases of this disease are adult onset type cases. Type II Diabetes generally does not require insulin injections or supplements for control of blood sugar levels.

Diet and exercise are commonly recommended for this form of diabetes. The patient is required to monitor his or her blood sugar frequently and adjust food intake to create a level of blood sugar that is normal. Exercise alone can also lower blood sugar significantly. Some cases of Type II Diabetes do require oral medication or insulin injections.

Gestational diabetes occurs in about five to ten percent of pregnancies. It is generally treated with exercise and diet changes and disappears after the birth of the child. Unfortunately, women with a history of gestational diabetes tend to be much more likely to get the disease later in life.

There are other types of diabetes which come from surgical problems, genetic issues, malnutrition and drug use. These are relatively rare and occur in about five percent of the reported cases of the disease.

There currently is no cure for diabetes. There are several options being tested in hopes of curing this disease. These options include pancreatic transplants, artificial pancreas creation or genetic manipulation. Unfortunately, none of these solutions are viable at this time.

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