Ways to Use Different Essential Oils

Ways to Use Different Essential Oils

If you are new to using essential oils, you might be a little stuck on what each one of them does. Here is a simple guide that shows you the top essential oils and how to use them.

Roman Chamomile – First up is roman chamomile, which is the more common type of chamomile that is used. There is also German chamomile, but that isn’t as good for healing properties. Roman chamomile is great for relieving muscle cramps, reducing stress and anxiety, and providing natural anti-inflammatory properties.

Peppermint – Peppermint essential oil is the most popular of the mint oil varieties, and has lots of benefits as well. You should use peppermint oil when you want better focus and to be more alert, have a burn on your skin, or are looking to get help with digestion or allergy problems.

Frankincense–Next up is frankincense. This might have a silly name (often combined with myrrh), but it really does have amazing healing powers. With frankincense essential oil, use it to boost your immune system and help with skin conditions that cause inflammation.

Jasmine – Jasmine is a beautiful flower, but also a wonderful essential oil to add to your collection. It has a very sweet smell and is often combined with lavender, geranium, and rose essential oils. Use it when you want to relieve depression, reduce pain from childbirth, and help with tension.

Geranium – Geranium is another excellent essential oil you should use on a regular basis. With this essential oil, it is perfect for PMS and hormonal imbalance, especially when added to your bath for relieving those PMS symptoms. You can also use geranium for nerve pain. Geranium can be used as an aromatherapy oil in a diffuser or added to different body products.

Lavender –Lastly, there is lavender essential oil. This is best when you want stress or anxiety relief, to relax and unwind, or take a calming bath. Lavender can also be used for anti-inflammatory properties, as a natural deodorant, and to help with a cold or flu. This is good when added to your bath water, or when using it in a cream or lotion that is applied to your skin.

Experiment with your own blends in a diffuser or by using other oil methods. These are only some of the more popular oils, but there is a long list of essential oils to choose from.

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