Unlock The Power Of Berries In The New Year

Unlock The Power Of Berries In The New Year

Berries are one of the most well publicised health foods on the planet.  The term “berry benefits” gets around 50,000 Google searches each month.  However, unlike a lot of health foods – berries most definitely live up to the hype and should definitely be part of your New Year diet plans.  In this article I will be explaining why.

The Secret Health Boosting Nutrient In Berries

There are many reasons that berries are so good for you.  They contain extremely high levels of the nutrients dietary fiber, managanese, vitamin C and vitamin K.  However, many experts believe the reasons for berries health boosting properties is anthocyanins.

Anthocyanins are a group of flavonoids that are found exclusively in berries and have a number of impressive health benefits.  For starters, they are very powerful antioxidants.  Antioxidants are substances that keep you safe from the dangerous free radicals which get released during oxygen based reactions.  Additionally, the anthocyanins can keep your blood healthy and protect against a number of chronic diseases including cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

How Can You Eat More Berries?

Berries are one of the tastiest fruits around so adding them to your diet is not that difficult.  However, if you are having problems fitting them in here are a few serving suggestions:

1) Berries And Yogurt:- Berries are a great way to flavour natural yogurt.  For optimal taste, add the berries to the yogurt the night before and then leave them in the fridge overnight.  This allows all the juices to soak into the yogurt and really enriches the flavour.

2) Berry Blast Fruit Salad:-To make this one get a selection of your favourite berries and place them all in a bowl.  Then get one or more of your favourite berry juices, add them to the bowl and leave all the ingredients to soak overnight.  I find that a mixture of 75% berries, 25% juice works best but have a play around and see what works for you.

3) Berry Smoothies:-If you have a blender then berry smoothies are a great way to mix it up.  Simply put your ingredients in a blender, pour them into a cup and then enjoy. If you are struggling to come up with a recipe try blending half a cup of blueberries, half a cup of raspberries, half a cup of strawberries, half a cup of ice cubes, half a cup of yogurt, 1 banana and 1 cup of milk for a very tasty, berry filled smoothie.  You can also get plenty more berry based smoothies


Eating more berries should be one of your main priorities in the New Year.  If you follow the advice above you should have no problem unlocking their power and having your healthiest New Year ever.

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