Tips to Avoid Heartburn At Night

Tips to Avoid Heartburn At Night

A large number of people complain about heartburn during the night. Heartburn occurring at night is considered worse that the day because of many factors. First of all it disturbs your sleep and can disrupt your sleep pattern by keeping you awake.

Another factor is that waking up to a burning sensation in your chest and throat can make you very uneasy at night. So the next morning you will wake up looking fatigued and worn out. By practicing the following remedies you can avoid this problem:

Avoid heavy meal: Our food gets digested more easily during the day as compared to the night. Try to have a light meal at night and avoid eating food that is fried or too spicy as it produces more acid.

Do not smoke or drink: You should not smoke or drink alcohol late in the night as it can relax the LES, which can cause the burning sensation of heartburn.

Sit straight: Your sitting posture is very important as it affects your digestive system. Always eat on the table and sit straight with your back against the chair.

Do not lie down immediately: You should never lie down immediately after having your dinner. At least give a gap of two to three hours, between your dinner and sleeping time.

Drink water: Drinking water before taking your meal will help you to feel full and can avoid overeating. Also you should not drink too much water during the meal.

Elevate head of the bed: Raise the head of your bed by about four to six inches. It will prevent the acid from flowing back into esophagus.

Do not exercise: Never exercise or indulge in some heavy physical activity right after your meal. You should give some time for the food to get digested.

Also avoid tight clothes. Do not wear very tight clothes in the night to avoid putting any pressure on your stomach. You will sleep much better in loose and comfortable clothes.

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