Tips For Starting a Low-Carb Diet

Tips For Starting a Low-Carb Diet

Changing your diet can be a huge endeavor. You have to figure out what you are removing from the diet, what diet plan or routine is best for you, and how you will get started. If you have never made a major diet change in your life, then you may hit a few stumbling blocks. To overcome these stumbling blocks, and make your low-carb diet work for you, you will need some tips along the way. Here are a few that should get you started.

Try Swaps

One of the first and best tips for anyone starting a low-carb diet is to try swapping out carbs for other foods. For example, you can swap out buns on hamburgers for portabello mushroom caps. Simple swaps like this can change your eating and keep you eating food that you love. You can also try vegetable based pasta swaps. An example of this would be using zucchini cut into noodles. This can take the place of normal pasta noodles and still allow you to have the type of food you love to eat and the same pasta feel as you would normally have.

Go Slow

Don’t remove all the carbs at once. Instead, remove just bread first and then move your way up to a total reduction or significant reduction of carbs. This will help you stay on the diet and not go off track because of a craving. Make sure that you are also trying to replace those carbs as you remove them. This means you have a backup or replacement for each item, like the hamburger buns that were previously mentioned, and you don’t feel like you are denying yourself anything. This is about food denial, it is about food differences and changes.

Keep a Journal

It may sound odd, but keeping a journal can be helpful. You don’t have to do it daily, but keeping a routine journal can help on so many levels. You can keep track of how much you are eating, problems you are having, and a pattern that may be coming up that is keeping you from staying on track. You can use the journal as a tool to help stop problems before they start or sort out what is triggering your cravings that are making you want to leave the low-carb diet completely.

By keeping these tips in mind and incorporating them into your daily diet routine, you can get on the right track and stay on it. Remember, if the low-carb diet you choose is not working out for you then try a different one. As long as you stay on the low-carb diet track you should still meet your goals.

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