The Symptoms Of Bad Breath – What It Can Mean

Do you have a bad breath that never seems to leave despite your best efforts? No doubt the scent has embarrassed you a couple of times. The look of utter repulsion on people’s faces when you speak is what you often have to deal with now. Well, resorting to not speak to people is not the solution.

Importantly, you need to know the causes and symptoms of bad breath. The knowledge will help you remedy the problem as early as possible. But more crucially, you won’t have to learn of your awful stench from your mate’s disgusted look. So here are some causes and warning signs of impending bad breath.

A Dry Mouth

Saliva is cleaning agent. It helps remove food particles in the mouth. It is a prerequisite for effective cleaning of the mouth.  A dry mouth tends to occur when sleeping. It is even worse when you sleep with your mouth open.  The lack of saliva leads to bad mouth odor because the mouth does not get washed efficiently.


Certain medication can lead to bad breath. This could be due to the chemicals they release when they are broken down. Some of those chemicals might be carried in breath. Furthermore, some medications have the side effect of causing a dry mouth which inevitably leads to bad breath.

Mouth Infections

Gum disease, tooth decay, cavities or mouth sores all lead to bad breath

Nose And Throat Infections

Tonsils are a cause of bad breath. The small stones with bacteria emit a foul odor that is carried in breath. Nose inflammations occasionally lead to bad breath because of the postnasal drip that contributes to the smell of your breath. Postnasal drip is the mucus that flows down the nose into the throat and is actually normal.

Digestive Disorders

Acid reflux in the stomach often imparts a terrible smell to your breath.This is where the stomach acid splashes into the esophagus. Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth also results in putrid burps.The bacteria, H. Pylori can also cause bad breath. Often existing harmlessly in the intestines, it can lead to duodenal ulcers when there is an imbalance.

Poor Dental Hygiene

When you do not brush teeth and floss on a daily basis, food particles in the mouth begin to give off an unpleasant smell. You also run the risk of developing plaque that can eventually lead to gum disease,another cause of bad breath. Take care of your teeth!

Tobacco And Khat Usage

Cigarette smoking often leads to unpleasant odor.Those who chew khat and tobacco also stand a high chance of getting gum disease which is a source of foul breath.

Certain Foods

Onions and garlic are a known source of bad breath. Certain spices also leave a repulsive smell in our mouths.

So how do you go about fixing or preventing bad breath? Here are a few tips to get you a fresh breath and talking confidently again.

Brush and Floss

Brushing and flossing teeth twice a day is usually recommended. It helps in chucking food particles that are stubborn to leave the mouth as well as removing plaque. Do not forget to brush the tongue too.Dentists usually recommend certain toothpaste containing antibacterial agents in case of severe plaque.

Visit The Dentist

Seeing the dentist on a regular basis will do wonders for both your teeth and breath. Potential teeth and gum problems will be avoided. When you visit the dentist because you have bad breath,he or she smells both the breath from your mouth and nose toascertain its severity. A sample of the tongue surface is also be checked and its odor measured on a scale. It is only then that can the dentist can make arecommendation.

Avoid Sugary Food

Sugar inhibits saliva formation. It is therefore recommended to take less sugary food and snacksto promote saliva formation. Go for sugar-free candy and gum. The saliva aids in cleansing the mouth.

Take Plenty Of Water

Taking a lot of water helps get rid of food particles in the mouth in throughout the day that would otherwise be acted upon by bacteria leading to bad breath.


Using mouthwash can help kill the undesired bacteria in the mouth. The scent of the mouthwash also improves the general breath.

Ultimately, bad breath has solutions. Visit the dentist.If it is as a result of the medication you are taking consulting a doctor for alternatives might help. If it is stomach acid reflux, a medical checkup will be conducted to ascertain the real cause. Mostly though, good dental hygiene will suffice.

Best Bad Breath Remedies

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