The Health Benefits Of Fruits

The Health Benefits Of Fruits

Fruit is one of the best health foods around. It’s sweet, hydrating, relatively low in calories and loaded with health boosting vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients. This article will examine how these nutrients work together in your body and list five of the main health benefits of fruit.

Benefit 1 – Reduced Risk Of Chronic Disease

One of the biggest benefits of consuming fruits regularly is that you’ll reduce your risk for a number of chronic diseases. The nutrients in fruits have been shown to directly protect against cancer, diabetes and heart disease. In addition to this, they keep all the vital organs in your body healthy and lower your chances of developing organ specific diseases.

Benefit 2 – Improved Blood Health

Blood is essential for your overall health and well being. It transports oxygen and nutrients to the cells that need it while carrying waste materials away from the cells and out of the body. The vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients in fruits support the production of strong, healthy blood cells which then transport oxygen and remove waste materials from your body with maximum efficiency. They also keep your blood vessels healthy, enhance blood circulation throughout your body, regulate blood glucose levels, lower blood levels of LDL cholesterol and reduce your blood pressure.

Benefit 3 – Improved Bowel Health

Fruits are one of the most concentrated sources of fiber around. Fiber is an indigestible type of carbohydrate that supports your bowels in various ways. First, it promotes regular bowel movements and protects against constipation. Second, it reduces your risk of developing various bowel disease including irritable bowel syndrome and piles. Finally, it enhances the performance of your bowels and ensures that you always extract the maximum amount of energy and nutrition from the foods you eat.

Benefit 4 – Optimal Organ Function

As mentioned above, the nutrients in fruits support all your vital organs and keep them healthy. Not only does this keep them disease free but it also allows them to function effectively and efficiently. Some of the main health benefits of this optimal organ health include strong vision and night vision, healthy digestion and improved memory.

Benefit 5 – Healthy Weight Loss

Fruits are low in calories, high in fiber and contain many fat burning nutrients which makes them a perfect weight loss food. Fiber contains zero calories and has a satiating effect which allows you to feel fuller for longer without adding unwanted pounds to your waistline. In addition to this, almost every type of fruit contains less than 100 calories per serving, so you can enjoy them as a guilt free snack without gaining weight. Finally, fruits are packed full of nutrients that maximize your metabolism and increase the rate at which you burn body fat.


If you’re not already filling up on fruits, I hope this article has shown you why you should be. Just a couple of portions each day will allow you to unlock all the health benefits listed above and enjoy optimal health.

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