The Best Toys for Kids with ADD or ADHD

The Best Toys for Kids with ADD or ADHD

Kids and adults with ADD or ADHD have a tough time keeping still and concentrating on a specific task. Some of them have a lot of trouble learning new things or accomplishing schoolwork because of this.

Investing in some toys for kids with ADD or ADHD can help them work through their attention problems and learn how to focus. Kinetic sand is a great toy for those with ADD and ADHD.

It’s textured and easy to use. It stays moist without having a slick or oily feel. It doesn’t stick to hands or furniture and it’s relatively easy to clean up. The texture is also very soothing on hands and it’s nice for kids who feel like they need to fidget or constantly play with something.

When kids with ADD or ADHD have something to move around in their hands, they often have an easier time concentrating on other things. Brain Food is another toy that can keep hands busy during activities that require the child to sit still, like schoolwork or a lesson.

Brain food is similar to putty but without being sticky or wet. It’s dry to the touch and you can mold it or pull it apart. It always goes back to its original form when you put it back together.

It helps build motor skills and strengthen hands as well. Another toy that’s excellent for kids with ADD or ADHD is Nanoblocks Sites to See. There are several different sites you can purchase, like the Sydney Opera House, the Taj Mahal, the Eiffel Tower, and Castle Neuschwanstein.

The instructions allow kids to build miniature replicas of these famous landmarks and it doesn’t take too long to get it completed. If your kid wants something bigger than a small replica, try a Roylco straws and connectors jumbo set.

These sets come with different amounts of pieces, but Fat Brain Toys sells a 705 piece that’s reasonably priced. The set comes with 390 straws and 315 connectors.

The straws are eight inches long so there’s plenty of length to build something big. The set works well to keep hands busy and it can be played with on the child’s own or with a friend or parent.

The straws and connectors come in different colors and are easy to snap together and take apart. There’s no end to what can be built with these, including building a small house and tossing a sheet over it to make a tent. Not only is it good for helping to lengthen attentions spans, it also teaches kids about architectural designs and spatial designs.

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