One-Day Detox for Busy People

One-Day Detox for Busy People

You want to detox your body, but your work or travel schedule just doesn’t give you 7 or 10 uninterrupted days to follow the usual process. Well some effort at detox is better than nothing, so you can try a one-day detox plan. The overall effect of a one-day detox isn’t as great as that of longer detox programs, so you want to repeat the one-day detox at least every three months.

During the one-day detox, you’re basically on a juice only fast. You have to use fresh vegetables in the juicer to get the highest quality nutrients. If the juice comes in a can, don’t bother.

There’s not enough nutrient value left to matter. If you don’t have a juicer, go to a health food store or natural food restaurant and purchase fresh juice the evening before the juice detox.

Dedicate a weekend day when you can relax and reduce stress during the detox. Start the day with gentle stretches and a glass of juice. Take a relaxing bath or shower and dress in loose, comfortable clothes.

If you want to, spend the day in your pajamas. But if you decide to get dressed, you might also schedule a massage during the mid-day. You can drive directly to the massage therapist and directly home. Don’t make any stops, run errands or shop. This is your day to detox and relax. The to-do list can wait.

At home, surround yourself with calming music, not loud television shows. And don’t even log on the computer to check your email. Tell everyone who regularly calls on your cell that you’ll be unavailable on the detox day. Leave a phone message saying you won’t return calls until the next day. Make this your day – isn’t your health worth 24 hours?

Set out some candles or place an aromatic scent that you enjoy in the room near you. Chamomile or lavender are scents known to promote relaxation. But if you enjoy vanilla or rose or some other scent, then choose that one.

This all sounds great if you have a quiet home – but what if your house is filled with children, pets and neighbors all weekend? Here’s where additional planning is in order. You can take a day off of work and do the detox at home while the children are at school and your spouse is at work. You may have to send the pets to a willing neighbor for the day if they’re going to interrupt your plans.

Or check into a spa that offers detox treatments and call it your well deserved vacation day. If that’s too expensive for your budget, find a bargain priced but comfortable hotel in town and check in.

Bring all of your detox supplies, including juices and water. Make sure your hotel room has a mini refrigerator and you’re all set. You can even go for a swim in the hotel pool or sit outside on the lounge chairs.

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