Manduka MatSak Review

Manduka Go Play Yoga Mat Bag

The is a brilliant product which allows you to carry your yoga mat in style. It’s constructed from 100% natural cotton canvas and has two breathable compartments which can be used to store your yoga mat along with a selection of other yoga accessories. The bag itself comes in two sizes; Small (which measures 26 inches by 6 inches and can hold mats that are up to 24 inches wide) and Large (which measures 28 inches by 6.5 inches and can hold mats that are up to 26 inches wide). It’s also available in three different colors; Fig, Graphite and Sage.

Product Features:

  • 100% Natural Cotton Canvas Construction which is soft and durable.
  • 2 Breathable Compartments; 1 Large Mat Compartment & 1 Smaller Side Zipper Compartment which can hold smaller yoga accessories such as straps or a towel.
  • Lightweight Design which allows you to carry the bag with ease.
  • Padded Shoulder Strap which is extremely comfortable and fully adjustable.
  • Recycled PET Mesh Detailing.
  • Side Handles which are convenient and make the back easy to pick up and carry.

Good Points:

1) Well Ventilated:-If you’ve had problems with your yoga mat or yoga bag starting to smell in the past, you should definitely give the Manduka MatSak a try. The bag has multiple air holes along the side which keep both the yoga bag and the yoga mat well ventilated. This reduces moisture, gets rid of bad smells and helps your yoga mat and the Manduka MatSak to stay smelling fresh for longer.

2)Durable:-Another fantastic feature of the Manduka MatSak is that it’s constructed from high quality, durable materials. The cotton canvas material is thick but soft and will give you years of solid use. The shoulder strap is also very strong and will stand up to plenty of regular use.

3) Easy To Wash:-Unlike many sports bags and yoga bags, the Manduka MatSak is 100% machine washable. You simply throw it in the machine on a regular cycle, let it dry and you’re done. It won’t shrink or lose color in the wash which makes keeping it clean a whole lot easier.

4)Extra Pocket:- In addition to the above benefits, the Manduka MatSak also has a very useful external compartment which can hold additional yoga gear such as keys, tops, socks and water bottles. While many competing yoga bags do have an additional compartment, it’s often internal and this makes gaining access to your yoga accessories very difficult when there’s a yoga mat in the bag. In contrast, gaining access to your yoga accessories in the Manduka MatSak is a breeze and takes just a few seconds, regardless of whether there’s a mat currently in the bag.

Bad Points:

1) Tight Fit:- One area where the Manduka MatSak could be better is the size of the main compartment. While there is enough room to fit Manduka mats and most other large yoga mats in the compartment, it’s an extremely tight fit and you need to wrap the mat up pretty well to get it in. Over time, you do get used to wrapping the mat in the right way but the bag would have been much easier to use if there was slightly more room in the main compartment.


If you’re after a premium yoga bag, nothing else comes close to the Manduka MatSak. It does carry a premium price tag but when you consider that it’s well ventilated, functional, built to last and easy to wash, it’s definitely worth the money. The main compartment is a little tight fitting but this is something you get used to after using it a few times. Overall, the Manduka MatSak is a top product and comes highly recommended.

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