Keto Diet and Exercise

Keto Diet and Exercise

In order to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle, you not only need to stick to the ketogenic diet, but incorporate exercise as well. Follow these tips to learn more about the right exercise routine to stick to and why you need to keep up with your regular fitness regimen while on this diet.

Hold Off on Exercise at First

You will need to still exercise even while on the keto diet, but this doesn’t need to happen right away. In fact, many dieticians recommend that you not get into a rigorous fitness routine when making such a change in your diet. Try to first transition into the keto diet and wait a few weeks before you pick up on your exercise routine. While walking a few days a week as you already have been doing should be fine, avoid anything too strenuous or different from the norm. This can be really hard on your body and make it hard to make such drastic changes all at once.

Why You Still Need to Exercise

Now that you have waited the recommended time after starting the keto diet, you can start working on your fitness routine. You will lose a good amount of weight with dieting alone, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t also eventually get back into a regular fitness routine. If you don’t burn calories and get your body into shape, you might eventually hit a plateau where you are no longer losing weight or inches. Here are some other benefits of exercising even while on the keto diet:

  • It helps fight heart disease and diabetes
  • You can tone your body instead of just lose pounds
  • You will lose more weight and faster with exercise
  • Exercise helps with your bone mineral density
  • It has anti-aging benefits
  • You can improve your mood through endorphins

The Best Exercises For Ketosis

When you are on a keto diet, it is good to have a balance between cardio and strength training, but don’t rely just on cardio. During ketosis, your body isn’t going to experience the full effects of fat burning and weight loss with just cardio alone. Make sure you are adding plenty of stretching and strength training to your regular workout routine.

Why HIIT is So Effective

One of the best ways to mix it up with your exercise is to use HIIT exercises. This stands for high-intensity interval training and requires extremely high intensity, but with less time overall. You might sprint for one minute, then jog for a couple minutes, then go back to sprinting. There are many different HIITs that work great with the keto diet.

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