It’s Healthy to Daydream While Dieting

It’s Healthy to Daydream While Dieting

Are you sitting at your computer trying to ignore the nagging feeling that you’re missing something (like a chocolate chip cookie)?  It’s perfectly okay to admit that you daydream about not following your diet.

It’s normal and you shouldn’t feel guilty that you’re still longing for those “off-limit” foods.  Don’t believe the hype when diet manufacturers say their plan (or food) is so good you won’t even consider going back to fattening fare.  You probably will, and that’s okay.

Some manufacturers say that when you finally rid your system of sugar, you won’t crave it anymore.  But dieting pitfalls often occur because of habits we’ve formed around certain foods, not necessarily because we’re encountering a biological phenomenon.

While it may be great to know you’re normal what can you do about it?  Sometimes it feels as if these daydreams will eventually lead to complete diet failure.  They don’t have to.

Facing your food issues is a good way to put them behind you. If you ignore the feelings, and suppress them long enough, you may binge one day when you’re not feeling particularly strong.

Stop thinking of yourself as a dieter – someone who has to abandon a certain food for the rest of his or her life.  You may have eliminated the food while you become healthier and fit, but it doesn’t mean it has to be gone forever – only until you have your food fears under control.

Over time, as you begin to accept the fact that your favorites dishes aren’t gone for good, you’ll daydream about them less often and then you’ll be able to go about your day without food clouding your thoughts at all.

Daydreaming comes into play as therapy.  Your mind misses something, so it’s trying to relive it again for you.  It’s just a phase of growth for your diet plan and you’ll feel a great sense of accomplishment when you realize one day – at the end of a day – that food didn’t cross your mind even once.

Becoming healthy is a long journey.  You don’t just give up poor eating habits one day and wake up thin the next. It takes mental and physical preparation to get you to a place where your body is fit and your mind is functioning without fail to help you make the right choices.

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