How to Use Tea For Adult Acne

How to Use Tea For Adult Acne

Believe it or not, tea is an excellent natural remedy for acne. It is all-natural, delicious, and very good for you. Keep reading to learn how you can use tea for your adult acne.

Benefits of Tea For Acne

Tea is often a natural remedy for a wide range of things, from reducing bags on your eyes with tea bags, to using tea to help with a toothache. It can also do wonders for your skin, both with drinking it and actually using the tea water on your skin. Many types of tea, including green tea, have antioxidants that can help give you a better complexion and healthier skin overall. Some studies show that there are more antioxidants in some types of tea that what you get in certain fruits and vegetables. Drinking it on a regular basis not only helps with your adult acne and general skin care, but is really healthy for you as well. This is also a good way to increase your water intake.

Types of Tea to Use

While most types of tea are good for you, not all of them are ideal for helping with adult acne. The following teas are the most recommended when you want to use them for your acne and skin care regimen:

Green tea – You can’t go wrong by having a nice cup of green tea. This can reduce inflammation and give you a lot of healthy antioxidants, which helps to reduce your acne. When you apply it directly to your skin, it can help to get rid of the extra oils on your skin that are causing acne bacteria. It is also great for people with rosacea.

Chamomile tea – If you are looking for a good way to sleep better at night, have a cp of chamomile tea. It not only has calming effects, but it can also help with the inflammation that is causing your adult acne.

Rooibos tea – The reason rooibos tea is good for acne is because you might be having breakouts due to excessive dryness. Rooibos tea is really good at providing natural moisture on your skin.

Different Methods For Using Tea

The two main methods to use tea for your acne are topically and orally. When using it topically, you can either brew the tea leaves and apply the tea water after it cools with a cotton swab, or you can put the tea bag directly on your skin. If you want to drink it orally, try to aim for having the tea 3-4 times a day.

Best Tea Products for Ance

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