How to Tone Your Stomach

The stomach is by far the most common problem area for excess fat. People are constantly worried about having a “gut” or “belly,” and want to tone it down as quickly as possible.

Often times, people look for a flat stomach or even abs as the number one sign of fitness, so it’s certainly an important thing to tone up. From a more health based perspective, belly fat is one of the most dangerous kinds, being more of an indicator for things like heart problems than any other kind of fat.

The most useful solution for belly fat is simple weight loss through dieting. It’s common for people to believe that exercise is what gets you in shape, but that’s not necessarily the case.

Exercise does help, but abs are made (or covered up) in the kitchen. The calories you burn with an intense workout can be undone by a single soda or dessert.Instead of focusing on exercising as hard as possible and then rewarding yourself with unhealthy food, simply eat less unhealthy food.

Getting rid of things like liquid calories from sweet drinks or eating multiple servings of desserts can help you shed pounds so quickly. If you want the real fast track to getting rid of belly fat, dieting is your best option.

When combined with dieting, exercise is also a great helper in getting your stomach toned. When you’re using one specific body part a lot, it’ll burn fat around that area the most.

There are plenty of exercises out there that you can do to help your stomach fat disappear. Abdominal exercises are going to be your best bet here. Usually when people think of this they default to something like sit-ups, which aren’t really that fun, and in fact, aren’t really the best ab exercise.

There are tons of more enjoyable ab exercises that will still get you in shape without feeling like you’re in gym class again. Get together with a buddy and do crunches with a medicine ball tossed after each rep.

Lay with your feet touching and when you’re at the top, toss the medicine ball to your partner. Wait until they’re back up after their rep, catch it, and repeat. Tossing around a heavy ball tends to make things a bit more enjoyable, as does doing something with a friend. Another great ab exercise is yoga, which provides you with less stress about working out harder, and more relaxation and meditation.

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