How to Tone Your Arms

Arms can be a source of shame for many people. Depending on how fat is distributed throughout your body, you may or may not have a bit of extra skin and fat around your arms, often around the tricep or underarm area.

Arms can be a particularly hard part of the body to tone up, since it’s not just dependent on losing weight like it is with belly fat. Instead, you need to focus on lifting weights in order to tone up your arms.

Triceps are the most common problem area for people’s arms. You might have noticed a bit of extra skin hanging down from your arms if you hold them out to the side, called batwings, and that’s just a lack of definition in your tricep.

By putting on more muscle in that area, you’ll be able to firm it up and reduce the amount of loose skin. People often worry about looking too muscular, but rest assured, that won’t be the case.

It just takes a bit of healthy muscle to look toned.There are plenty of tricep workouts to do in order to tone this area, with one of the most common ones being dips. Dips can be done just about anywhere with various levels of difficulty depending on how strong you are.

They can be done by holding onto a slightly elevated surface behind you, with your feet out in front of you on the ground. You let your body come down, and then push yourself back up.

This should give you a pretty good burning feeling in your triceps. For those who are a bit more fitness inclined, there are more advanced and difficult forms of tricep dips that you can do.

Some will support their whole bodyweight on two bars and dip their body down that way, while some will even add on weight and do this for added difficulty. Either way, this is a surefire way to tone up your arms.

One often overlooked part of your arms is your forearms. People are always focused on their biceps or their underarms, and they forget that there’s a pretty significant amount of arm muscles below the elbow.

By doing simple things like grip strength testers, you can tone up your forearms and give your overall arms a bit of a nicer look, though some people just won’t be able to tell exactly what you did.

Plus, the muscle strength will support you and help prevent injuries such as tennis elbow whenever you have strength in your arms that can support everyday activities. You may not even think about this until it becomes a problem and you’re forced to work that area out as a form of recovery and repair.

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