How to Make Exercise Less Boring

How to Make Exercise Less Boring

Tired of the same old 12 reps, 10 squats, and 20 minutes on the treadmill?  There is a way to make exercise less boring! If you’re sick of walking on a flat surface on your treadmill, there are many ways to liven up that work out.

Putting on an hour-long TV show that you have to get involved in is a great way to make your mind wander.  While watching your show, set your pace at a very light jog. When a commercial comes on, pick up your pace then slow back down when the show returns.

Another way to make exercise less boring is to add other things to make it exciting. Add people or music.  Set your iPod to shuffle and get moving.  Create various exercise playlists and then don’t stop until the music does.

Adding people to your workout is another way to make exercise less boring. Generally, people have five times more chance of taking the initiative to even go to the gym when they’re with a friend – and are ten times more likely to continue going to the gym when they have a partner to help motivate them.

Rewarding yourself when you do a good job at the gym is a key element of making exercise less boring.  Don’t get too excited – this doesn’t mean you can have a whole box of Twinkies.  This means that after a long and strenuous workout, you can treat yourself to a massage at a spa or a new outfit to suit that trimmer, healthier figure you’re now sporting.

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